Inworld GDC 2024 Projects Detailed

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At GDC 2024, Inworld detailed the different ways they are working with AAA publishers and independent developers.

Working with a small R&D team at Ubisoft’s Paris studio, in collaboration with Nvidia’s Audio2Face application, Inworld is implementing a Large Language Model (LLM) with their NEO NPC. Using GenAI, this will determine how players interact with non-playable characters, all while keeping authenticity in each scenario.

Senior Vice President of Production Technology, Guillemette Picard, said the following:

“The way we worked on this project, is always with our players and our developers in mind. With the player in mind, we know that developers and their creativity must still drive our projects. Generative AI is only of value if it has value for them.”

Guillemette Picard

Also making its debut in GDC is Covert Protocol. This tech demo brings together NVIDIA and Inworld to utilize social simulation game mechanics that use AI Digital Humans.

See it for yourself with the trailer below:

NVIDIA ACE | NVIDIA x Inworld AI – Pushing the Boundaries of Game Characters in Covert Protocol

For those attending GDC 2024 in San Francisco this week, the indie developers behind Eternium, Get Slapped, Avalon, Cloudborn, and Aria One will showcase their projects at Inworld GDC Expo Booth P1615.

A Skull and Bones in-game charity event running from now through March 31, “Waves of Change” will have Ubisoft bringing players together to support ocean conservation with Oceana.

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Set to release in early 2025, new information has been released around SNK Corporation’s Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves.

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Players will be able to traverse a cursed fantasy land plagued by nightmares when Vata and Artax Games’ Ario launches for PC and consoles March 28.

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After a successful release for the PC last year, the world of BUCK’s Let’s! Revolution! is set to release on consoles April 11.

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Players will be able to hunt, carve up, and devour the most delicious of beasts with the release of Game Pill’s “Snack ‘N’ Slash” action RPG Hangry.

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The team at Ramen VR has big updates planned with the launch of their F2P co-op RPG Zenith: Infinite Realms.

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