Is Destiny 2 Tusk of the Boar better than Forbearance? Best perks, explained

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Tusk of the Boar is a Strand Wave Frame Special Grenade Launcher that is going head to head with Forbearance, which is an Arc Wave Frame Special Grenade Launcher, in Destiny 2. In this guide, you’ll learn whether Tusk of the Boar is better than Forbearance, how to get Tusk of the Boar, what perks Tusk of the Boar has, and what the Tusk of the Boar PvE God Roll is in Destiny 2.

Tusk of the Boar vs. Forbearance in Destiny 2: Which is better?

Image: Bungie

On paper, Tusk of the Boar and Forbearance are very similar. They are both 72 RPM, both can get Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction, and both are Wave Frame Special Grenade Launchers. Tusk of the Boar is Strand and Forbearance is Arc, and Forbearance has slightly better stats all around. Is Tusk of the Boar good enough to dethrone Forbearance?

I think that Forbearance is still one of the best add-clearing weapons in the game, and it’s better than Tusk of the Boar. Stats aside, the one thing that makes Forbearance better than Tusk of the Boar is its Origin Trait: Souldrinker. Souldrinker grants health based on the number of hits before reloading which is great on a Wave Frame Special Grenade Launcher.

That said, Tusk of the Boar is extremely good and special in its own right. For one, it’s a Kinetic Weapon instead of a Special Weapon which allows for Exotic Energy Weapon combinations that Forbearance can’t do. Also, it’s Strand which is arguably more fun because Strand builds, like the best Strand Warlock build, benefit greatly from Tusk of the Boar.

How to target farm Tusk of the Boar in Destiny 2

How To Unlock Tusk Of The Boar In Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Both Tusk of the Boar and Forbearance are hard to get, though Forbearance is one more easily available in Destiny 2 Into the Light and is one of the 12 God Rolls I’m chasing. Unfortunately, there’s no way to target farm Tusk of the Boar… at first.

Tusk of the Boar is only available through Iron Banner. It has a chance to drop randomly, and I’ve heard from players online that there’s about a six percent chance of it dropping. That said, once you do acquire a Tusk of the Boar, you can use Iron Banner Engrams to focus Tusk of the Boar. It costs one Iron Banner Engram and 20,000 Glimmer, but it’s worth it for a God Roll.

Full Tusk of the Boar perk pool in Destiny 2

Here are all the perks available on Tusk of the Boar in Destiny 2:

  • Perk column 1
    • Ambitiouss Assassin
    • Grave Robber
    • Slice
    • Enlightened Action
    • Slideways
    • Pulse Monitor
  • Perk column 2
    • Hatchling
    • Chain Reaction
    • Bait and Switch
    • Swashbuckler
    • Vorpal Weapon
    • Deconstruct

What are the best perks for Tusk of the Boar in Destiny 2? God Roll, explained

Though people will say Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction is the Tusk of the Boar God Roll, I recommend Slice and Chain Reaction for PvE. Tusk of the Boar is mainly an add-clear weapon so using your class ability to add Sever to Tusk of the Boar’s shots while Chain Reaction deals Strand explosions is really good.

I love playing my Threadling Warlock build so I might look for a Slice and Hatchling roll. The more Hatchlings, the better. In general, though, Chain Reaction is better than Hatchling.

I saw an insane video on Twitter (or X) showcasing a nifty Tusk of the Boar glitch. Basically, the player was able to use the Slideways perk to cancel the reload by switching weapons to fire off Tusk of the Boar shots very quickly. This will likely get patched, but it looks like fun while it lasts.

Are you going to spend time grinding for Tusk of the Boar or are you going to wait for all the amazing weapons coming in Destiny 2 Into the Light? I’m going to do both, but I won’t be too upset if I can’t get a Tusk of the Boar God Roll.

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