League of Legends Prestige player skin to debut at Champions Showcase

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As part of the upcoming Worlds 2022 Champion Showcase, one dedicated player will be honoured with a League of Legends Prestige skin. This is the first time Riot will honour a Worlds player with a Prestige skin in the MOBA, which the design team will develop in addition to a skinline that celebrates the winning team’s victory.

The skinline will reflect the winning team’s colour palette along with the Worlds theme and will feature the five or six champions selected by the winning team’s players. Riot hasn’t given players much insight into what to expect with the Prestige skin, but it seems likely that the team will award it to the MVP or player whose performance otherwise deserves such a notable distinction.

The collection will also feature a team ward skin, signature icons, Summoner borders, and champion chromas. Earlier this year, Riot released a video offering a behind-the-scenes look at the process of developing a skinline for 2021 Worlds Champions Edward Gaming.

The League of Legends 2022 World Champion showcase event will take place in the second quarter of 2023, giving Riot’s designers plenty of time to fashion customised skins that League players can don with pride. The team describes its skin showcases as three- to four-week promotions in-game under a specific theme that features new skins and accessories. Showcases also often contain missions, which unlock in-game rewards.

Fashion, both digital and physical, has always been an integral part of League of Legends esports, with even major designers such as Louis Vuitton getting in on the action by helming a series of Worlds collaborations in 2019.

It seems Riot has no intention of slowing down League of Legends’ explosive growth in the esports community and beyond. The company recently commissioned Lil Nas X to compose its annual Worlds anthem and has also seen mainstream success with the popularity of its spinoff animated Netflix show, Arcane.

Worlds events are currently ongoing, with events taking place in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco through the finale event on November 5.

League of Legends is set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass and include several LoL Champions at the outset. However, if you’re going to be brand new to the game, you’ll want to see our guide to the best League of Legends Champions for beginners and take a moment to review how to play League of Legends, so you know how to play right away.

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