League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook is hiding a massive secret

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League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook can be a fun alternative to a regular Summoner’s Rift match; the premise of the MOBA’s for-fun game mode is that instead of having two Summoner Spells, one is replaced with a different champion ultimate ability. It can lead to some interesting synergies and some ridiculous plays.

It was announced by Riot that Spellbook would be extended with the release of Steel Valkyries, with this ‘encore’ running until the end of September. There was also a nugget of information at the bottom of their event breakdown page hinting at a surprise hidden within the Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

Every time an Ultimate Spellbook match is launched, there is a one percent chance of that particular game being a One-For-All Ultimate Spellbook (One-For-All-timate Spellbook?). This means that while everyone on the Rift gets a second ultimate ability, it will all be the same. Could be something like 10 Akali ults, with the game slowly degenerating into something that resembles the most chaotic of animes.

That isn’t all, though. Whenever the One-for-All game mode triggers, there is a 50% chance that the ultimate everyone receives would be Cho’gath’s Feast.

For the uninitiated, Cho’gath’s ultimate ability, Feast, is a point-and-click ability that sees Cho take a bite out of his target. It acts as an execute should the enemy player’s health fall below a certain threshold, and at that point, Cho’gath would increase in size for the remainder of the match. This can also be used on epic jungle monsters for the same effect.

Having an execute ability on everyone in the Rift isn’t really the appeal here, it’s the absolute carnage that comes should the game go on long enough, with 10 players all having some stacks on their Feast. The player models are going to be huge.

It’s a shame that this very specific game mode will only trigger a fraction of the time, but it gives us all a reason to keep plugging away. I for one really need to see a 100-foot tall Lux go head to head with an equally gargantuan Teemo.

For all the current goings-on, make sure you check out the League of Legends 12.16 patch notes, after all it always helps to know the latest changes when trying to stay ahead of the curve. In other news, we’re all currently fixated on this cosplayer who is the Rift (literally), his page is brilliant, with new creations posted all the time.

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