Light Cone, Relics, and team composition

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Support units are incredibly important in Honkai Star Rail, and having an Abundance unit on your team can help you get through some tough fights. Gallagher, a 4-Star Fire Abundance character introduced in Honkai Star Rail version 2.1, is among the best support units in the game.

Best Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Build

Gallagher is a 4-Star Fire character of the Abundance Path, a first-time pairing in Honkai Star Rail. The only other 4-Star Abundance characters in the game at the time of Gallagher’s debut are Natasha and Lynx, so unless you’ve spent some Stellar Jades to pull some top-tier 5-Star healers like Bailu, Luocha, or Huohuo, you’re going to want to add Gallagher to your team.

The best Gallagher build focuses on raising his Break Effect and Outgoing Healing stats as high as possible. Gallagher is a healer, so Outgoing Healing Boost is an obvious choice. The Break Effect decision relies on one of his Traces which increases his Outgoing Healing based on his Break Effect stat, though, so don’t neglect that.

Best Gallagher Light Cone

Gallagher’s best Light Cone is the 5-Star Night of Fright, which is Huohuo’s signature Light Cone. It increases his Energy Regeneration Rate, which is perfect since his Ultimate is so useful. It also heals allies when his Ultimate is used and buffs an ally’s ATK whenever they are healed. It’s a great fit for a character like Gallagher. Bailu’s signature Time Waits for No One is another good 5-Star choice as well since it increases Outgoing Healing and deals bonus damage that can really add up.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

For 4-Star alternatives, look toward What is Real? and Post-Op Conversation. The former significantly boosts Gallagher’s Break Effect stat and adds some additional healing to his attacks, while the latter increases his Energy Regeneration Rate and the Outgoing Healing from Gallagher’s Ultimate. Both Light Cones are easy to obtain and get much more useful if you upgrade them via Superimposition.

Best Relics for Gallagher

Since Gallagher needs a high Break Effect stat to maximize his healing output, Thief of Shooting Meteor is the best Relic set for him. The two-piece bonus increases his Break Effect by 16% and the four-piece bonus doubles that while also regenerating Ultimate Energy when Gallagher inflicts Weakness Break. It’s a win-win since Gallager’s Ultimate is so helpful for supporting your DPS units.

Honkai Star Rail Thief Of Shooting Meteor Relic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations is also a great choice for Gallagher as well. It increases his Break Effect by 16% with a two-piece bonus, but you shouldn’t go for the four-piece bonus since it only takes effect if an Ultimate is used on an ally. Since Gallagher has an offensive Ultimate, he can’t trigger the bonus effect. It’s best to use a four-piece set of Thief of Shooting Meteor, but if you have good substats on the Watchmaker set, it’s okay to mix and match to get the Break Effect buffs from both two-piece sets.

Here’s the main stat priority you should be looking for on Gallagher’s Relics.

  • Body: Outgoing Healing
  • Feet: SPD
  • Sphere: HP%
  • Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate

The best Planar Ornament pair for Gallager is Talia: Kingdom of Banditry. This increases his Break Effect by 16% with another 20% boost waiting for you if Gallagher’s SPD reaches 145. Look for HP% as the main stat on the Sphere, while the Rope can have Energy Regeneration Rate to focus on Gallagher’s Ultimate or Break Effect if you need a higher percentage for that ever-important stat.

Best Gallagher Team Compositions

Since Gallagher is a healer, he can be slotted into basically any team composition. Anybody works with Gallagher, and since Fire is such a common weakness for enemies, Gallagher is well-suited for most combat scenarios. If you’re a F2P Trailblazer, here’s a decent Gallagher team.

  • Gallagher
  • Guinaifen
  • Tingyun
  • Xueyi

With Gallagher healing and Tingyun buffing, Guinaifen and Xueyi can deal a ton of damage in this F2P-friendly team composition, especially with Guinaifen’s Firekiss debuff. If you’ve got some 5-Stars on your roster, however, try this Gallagher team.

  • Gallagher
  • Acheron
  • Kafka
  • Silver Wolf

This 5-Star lineup focuses on debuffs and DoT effects. Kafka and Acheron get much stronger when enemies are inflicted with more debuffs and negative status effects, and Gallagher and Silver Wolf are the perfect supporting allies for them in this scenario. Remember that Gallagher fits into basically any team composition, so feel free to mix and match with whoever you have available.

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