Looks like a Destiny 2 The Final Shape delay is inevitable

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News surrounding a potential Destiny 2 The Final Shape delay is yet to come officially from Bungie, but a new line of text on the expansion’s product page suggests that it could be pushed back. Originally set for launch on February 27, 2024, internal sources reportedly claim that this won’t be the date we get our hands on The Final Shape after all, instead setting expectations of a release in June 2024.

Following staff layoffs at Bungie in late October 2023, a group of anonymous former Destiny 2 developers have apparently spoke to Jason Schrier at Bloomberg regarding an alleged confirmed delay to The Final Shape release date, which apparently appeared “a couple months” ago.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons took to X (formerly Twitter) at the time to say that it was a “sad day” at Bungie, but did not confirm the scope of the layoffs, or comment on the rumors swirling on social media that the ongoing MMORPG‘s The Final Shape expansion would be delayed.

In an email press release from Bungie’s PR representatives on November 14, 2023 promoting Season of the Wish, which starts at the end of the month, the mention of the upcoming expansion is still stated as February 24, 2024. However, a new line of text has now appeared on The Final Shape store page on the developer’s website. The new addition reads, “Dates and content subject to change.”

X user DestinyBulletin claims to have taken a screenshot of the store page in September 2023 with this line omitted, meaning it may have been recently added.

PCGamesN has asked Bungie for comment, but at the time of publishing we’ve received no response. We’ll update this news article if we hear anything from the studio.

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