Lucky Hero Now Available on Steam

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mora churrasco studio and Neverland Entertainment have released their Roguelike symbol-building game Lucky Hero.

Combining roguelike adventures with strategy games, Lucky Hero will have players engaging in battles by spinning the wheel of fortune. Along the way, players will collect and combine various symbols and skills in order to get ahead – 300 in all. This is on top of 10 effects for different areas and more than 30 active and passive skills.

When it comes to characters, players will be able to choose between the hefty Warrior, the elusive Assassin, and the enigmatic Summoner. Players will also find themselves contending with random events – both good and bad – that will put their skills to the test.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

Lucky Hero | Launch Trailer

The game is now available for the PC on the official Lucky Hero Steam page. As part of an introductory offer, the game is 10% from now to November 28, bringing the total to $9.89. A demo for the game is also available on the Steam page.

One can also join in on the conversation with the official Discord channel from the studio. The team also stated that they are open to feedback and suggestions.

Source: Press Release

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