Magpie Box and Computer Antenna puzzle guide

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The Rotfront zone in Signalis has several tasks that you need to complete in order to obtain all the Tarot Cards. A couple will take you all over the area, scrounging around for the necessary items. Here’s our Signalis guide to help you with the Magpie Box and Computer Antenna puzzles in Rotfront. These will net you the Star Card and Death Card respectively.

Note: We’ll have a Signalis guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide for the Tarot Cards and Moons Mural.


Signalis: Magpie Box and Computer Antenna puzzle guide

Apartments (Ground Floor): Computer Room

It’s almost impossible to miss the Computer Antenna puzzle in Signalis‘ Rotfront zone. That’s because the machine itself is right next to the Blockwart Bedroom save point. Oh, and it’s also where you’ll get the submachine gun.

When you initially boot up the PC, though, it’s only got a few documents. The most important of these “Re: Bookstore Keys” gives you a hint about keypad codes. Don’t forget to hit the “Download All” button so the documents are saved in your menu.

Apartments (Upper Floor): Handwheel and Magpie Box

From there, head west and up the ladder to reach the upper floor. Check the large apartment here to get the Handwheel (you’ll use it later).

You may also check the Hospital Room at the end of the hallway to see the Magpie Box.

Note: I’m not sure if you’re required to set your radio frequency now to hear the chirping of magpies. In my case, I heard the sounds by tuning in to 230 to 232khz.

Apartments (Ground Floor and Upper Floor): Blue Diskette and Red Diskette

Anyway, head back to the ground floor and check the Pipeworks. Place the Handwheel to get rid of the fumes. Enter the door at the end and pick up the Blue Diskette.

For the Red Diskette, I’m trying to jog my memory here. If the hallway door on the upper floor is locked, then you might need to loop around. Jump down the Meat Grinder east of the Pipeworks to reach the Metro Station. Keep right and you should come across the Computer Store save point.

Beyond that is the Fire Escape ladder that takes you back to the upper floor. One of the rooms here has the Butterfly Pareidolia Safe puzzle, and the other has the Red Diskette.

Triangulating the signal for the Magpie Box and Star Card

Return to the computer terminal from earlier and insert both diskettes. More folders and programs should appear on the screen. For now, let’s try to solve the Magpie Box puzzle in Signalis.

Signalis Magpie Box Puzzle Computer Antenna Diskette Rotfront Tarot Card 2a

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on Antenna to open a triangulation software.
  • Your goal here is to move the left and right antennae, while making sure that your radio is tuned to either of the two frequencies (i.e., 125khz or 210khz).

Signalis Magpie Box Puzzle Computer Antenna Diskette Rotfront Tarot Card 2b

  • You should hear a pulsing noise, hinting that you’re close to what you need. This sound will be fairly loud and quite different from garbled static.
  • In my case, the triangulated spot was #43.
  • Click on the Transmit icon and select Magpie. Input that number and send the transmission.

Signalis Magpie Box Puzzle Computer Antenna Diskette Rotfront Tarot Card 2c

Make your way back to the Magpie Box puzzle room in Signalis, inspect the container, and activate your radio (i.e., either 125khz or 210khz). This will cause the box to open.

Inside, you’ll find the Star Card and Store Key (it’s used to acquire the Sun Card).

Signalis Magpie Box Puzzle Computer Antenna Diskette Rotfront Tarot Card 2d

The keypad code for the Death Card

As for the Death Card in Signalis, remember the “Re: Bookstore Keys” from earlier? Itou mentioned that the clue is the birthday of twin daughters born on Vineta.

Open the Medibank folder and you’ll find the records for the Itou girls. In my case, the last six digits were 560524.

Head to the Commercial Corridor on the ground floor and check the Backyard. Input the code on the keypad to open the gate.

Inside the store, you’ll come across Isa. She’s in a weakened state, and she ends up melting into a puddle of blood. Take a look at the cabinet and pick up the Death Card.

Signalis is available via Steam.

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