Meta Quest+ monthly games for December 2023

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What are the Meta Quest+ games for December 2023? Every month, we’re treated to two new titles added to the Meta Quest+ service. This brand-new program from Meta will allow games that may have once gone unnoticed, to be seen and played by a massive new audience, and December’s games have just been added.

With games playable across the Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro headsets, there are plenty of players ready to jump at the opportunity to play something new, and Meta Quest+ provides exactly that.

Here are the Meta Quest+ games for December 2023:

The Thrill of the Fight


The first game available in December is The Thrill of the Fight, a boxing title with a huge 4.7 rating from over 11,000 users. A VR staple, this fighting sim is often cited as one of the best boxing games on VR and that’s quite the achievement.

Naturally, with the release of the Meta Quest 3, the game recently received a visual refresh and added special passthrough features exclusive to the headset. All in all, despite being four years old, The Thrill of the Fight still receives plenty of updates to keep it fresh, so it’s a fantastic addition to Meta Quest+ this December.

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The second game available through Meta Quest+ this December is Swarm, which has been described as “Spider-Man with guns”. I would compare it closer to what if Resogun was in VR and 3D, but everyone has their own opinion on what exactly Swarm is.

One thing to note is that Swarm is quite an intense movement game, so don’t jump in if you’re not as comfortable with rapid motion, take baby steps to adjust first! Like Thrill of the Fight, Swarm currently holds a very high rating of 4.8 albeit with around 2,400 ratings in total, which is still a surefire sign of quality.

Can you play Meta Quest+ games without a subscription?

No, you can only access your Meta Quest+ library of games so long as you have an active subscription to the service.

If you cancel your Meta Quest+ subscription before its renewal, you will still be able to play your games until the renewal date has passed. Once your subscription has lapsed, no matter how long to wait to return, your games will be waiting for you to play again, but you will not gain access to any titles that were added while you were unsubscribed.

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