Minecraft camel guide: what we know about the new 1.20 mob

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During Minecraft Live 2022, the Minecraft camel was announced, alongside other new additions coming with the 1.20 update that’s set to arrive in 2023. You might think this new will have nothing unique to offer when there are existing Minecraft mobs like the horse and llama, but you’d be wrong: there’s more to this hump-backed mammal than you think.

This adorable creature is going to be a great addition to the deserts and badlands, which are currently among the least developed of the Minecraft biomes. As we mention further down, the new mob has some great mechanics for adventuring across these sparse lands, but while we don’t yet know whether you can store items on a camel like you can the llama, we’ll hopefully find out very soon. The Minecraft camel also has an adorable standing animation, reflecting its real-world movement, and aids representation for Minecraft players around the world.

Minecraft camel release date speculation?

We don’t have an exact release date for the new camel Minecraft mob just yet, but we do know that they will be coming with the 1.20 update sometime in 2023. If you play Minecraft Java Edition, you can also begin playtesting the new mob in the first snapshots, which are coming in the next few days. We’ll update you when a date for that is released, and tell you everything you need to know about downloading and playing.

Where to find a Minecraft camel

We don’t yet know much about where camels will spawn in Minecraft, but we can make some assumptions based on their characteristics in real life, the reveal footage, and their mechanics. The likelihood is that camels will spawn in deserts, badlands, or both, as they’re sandy biomes. Presumably, if camels spawn in the badlands biome, it will only be on the flat, red sand areas, as opposed to the tall, terracotta buttes and bluffs.

How to tame and breed Minecraft camels

We already know which item will be used to feed, tame, and breed camels, and it’s an interesting one. This is not just because of its real-world connection, but in that it adds another use to a fairly useless item, and tells us a bit more about the camel’s spawn location, as you can feed, tame, and breed a camel with cactus.

Before the camel, cactus could only be used for green dye and for decoration, and that was the extent of it. Now, however, there will be an additional reason to farm the spiky green plant, as we know breeding camels will be possible. In the real world, camels do actually eat cacti, so it’s a pretty good fit for this new mob.

Minecraft camel dash: camel approaching badlands ravine

Minecraft camel uses

Dash feature

The Minecraft camel is going to be a great addition for adventurers. While we already have Minecraft horses, anyone who has tried to travel long distances on the back of their noble steed will know that ravines and rivers can bring them to a standstill. This is where the camel comes in. It may not be as fast as a horse, but get a camel going in a wide-open space, and you’ll pick up some speed, not even having to slow down for a surprise drop – simply dash right over the top of it. Your camel will easily clear a ravine or river, but you still need to watch out for wide cave openings or steep cliffs.

Minecraft camel multiplayer and combat: two players kill a zombie while riding a camel

Multiplayer travel and combat

As well as their ability to clear gaps, the Minecraft camel has another new and exciting use – multiplayer travel. Boats can carry two players along wide, open seas, but before now there has been no way for two players to journey together on land – apart from on your own separate horses, of course. Now, you and a friend can both mount one of these large creatures, explore together, and even battle together. As Mojang Studios’ gameplay designer Nir Vaknin showed us during Minecraft Live, one player can ride and steer the camel, and even dash away from enemies, while the passenger shoots at dangerous mobs. Agnes Larsson, Minecraft Game Director, also pointed out that normal-sized mobs, like Zombies, can’t even reach you high up on your camel’s back.

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If you missed the action and want to catch up on everything that was announced, you can still watch Minecraft Live 2022 on demand. And, while we await the first 1.20 snapshots, you can start exploring some of the best Minecraft seeds for deserts and badlands, and find some nice, long stretches of land for taking your new camel for a run. Finally, find out about Minecraft hosting, so you and your friends can explore the camel’s multiplayer benefits.

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