Minecraft mod adds flamethrowers and pig launchers to the sandbox game

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The best Minecraft mods can open the door to some of the silliest gameplay available in this sandbox game. While there are plenty out there for you to try, some of the most obnoxious often get put together for our viewing pleasure by some very talented Minecraft YouTubers. This time around, Mysticat decided to make weapons that fire flaming pigs.

We like Minecraft mods a lot. In fact, we like them so much that we very specifically keep an eye out for some of the coolest ones out there, which is why we’ve already written about the likes of the Breath of the Wild mod. Because of the imagination and skill of modders out there, nearly anything is possible in this building game, but it’s often people like Mysticat who show off their processes, and also how silly the results can be.

In their latest video, Mysticat aims to make “hilarious Minecraft weapons.” Now, that’s a statement that could mean basically anything depending on who you’re talking to, but for Mysticat, that means coding in a flamethrower as a baseline and then making it increasingly more absurd from there.

Some highlights throughout the video involve Mysticat bullying a cow by yeeting flaming pigs into it, getting bored with fire and making a sandthrower, and then basically breaking the game by creating something utterly destructive. As is so often the way with these videos, we’re pretty sure the game crashes multiple times. Oh, and it ends a fun little PvP battle.

We’re not 100% sure what we’re getting next in the game officially, but what we do know about the Minecraft 1.20 update doesn’t involve flamethrowers, though we did hear some more about camels in the Minecraft Now livestream. In the meantime, Minecraft enchantments let you add some pretty cool effects to your gear.

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