Minecraft snapshot lets you try 1.20 content early

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The Minecraft 1.20 update is probably a fair while away, but while the sandbox game remains stuck in the ways of the 1.19 update, that doesn’t mean you have to be. In fact, with the brand-new Minecraft Snapshot out now, you can not only enjoy a little bit of new gameplay, but look into the future of the game itself.

While we don’t have all of the details, we do know a little bit about the Minecraft 1.20 update. Most of that knowledge is regarding Minecraft mobs, with the likes of the sniffer winning the recent Mob Vote, and the Camel being introduced during Minecraft Live too. That’s not all that will be coming in the next big update, but it’s what we know.

However, Minecraft Snapshot 22w42a has just dropped, introducing a toggle for update 1.20 features. What this means is that you can choose to opt into more experimental features within these snapshots that let you play around with less stable features, many of which are going to be tied to the 1.20 update.

Mojang is going in hard with this too, adding not only camels, but a new set of bamboo wood blocks, chiselled bookshelves, and hanging signs. All of these features will be officially coming in the 1.20 update, but the chance to toggle them on and off means you can mess about with them for a bit to see if you like them, then turn them off if you’d rather just enjoy the snapshot as it would normally be. If you want to read more about all of this, then check out the Minecraft website article.

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