Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre walkthrough

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Trying to beat all of the challenges in the Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre mission? This is one of a handful of stealth sandbox levels in the game and it can be pretty daunting if you’re used to running and gunning your way through most Call of Duty campaigns. Still, even if you’ve ticked this mission off, there are a few secrets and challenges to complete on El Sin Nombre away from the main objective.

For starters, there’s an interrogation sequence to survive, and then you have to infiltrate El Sin Nombre’s penthouse, either by sneaking in through the elevator shaft or stealing Diego’s keycard. If you can avoid killing anyone or triggering an alarm then you’ll complete the Ghost-in-Training achievement, and there’s even a safe code to find on this mission, which you can use to bolster your arsenal ahead of the showdown with El Sin Nombre.

We’ll walk you through all of those challenges below.

El Sin Nombre correct answers

Just in case you’re struggling to get past the initial interview with Valeria, here are the correct answers to her questions:

  • Mexican Special Forces
  • Shadow Company
  • Phillip Graves
  • Missiles

As Alejandro says you just have to tell the truth.

Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre walkthrough: Diego's keycard sat on an altar

How to get Diego’s keycard

Head out into the garden area to the right of where you spawn, walk to the end of the outside area and head through an open gate on the left. You should now see a couple of guards on your left and a balcony above them. Continue straight to the garden wall, clamber up it, and then vault onto a small balcony that juts out from a spiral staircase. Crouch, head up the stairs and grab the bottle at the top in case you need to distract a guard.

Turn left and sneak your way past a billiards table and through to the balcony, vault over it and sneak along the small ledge. Follow the ledge to the right and hop into the bathroom window. There’s Diego and another guard in this room, so handle them however you want. You can find Diego’s keycard on the altar in the main room.

Modern Warfare El Sin Nombre walkthrough: Diego's safe code hidden on a painting

Diego’s safe code

You can find all three Modern Warfare 2 safe codes in our dedicated guide, but seeing as you’re already playing El Sin Nombre, here’s how to open Diego’s safe.

Weirdly, the safe isn’t in Diego’s room at all. But if you’ve collected the keycard then you will find it on your way to the next objective: the elevator. Just opposite the elevator door is the room with Diego’s safe in it, head through and look for a poster on the left wall with 02/02/2019 written along the bottom. Then turn right, open a cupboard next to the en suite door and interact with the safe inside. The safe code is 02-02-19. Inside you’ll find a plate carrier and a sawn-off shotgun.

Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre walkthrough: best route for Ghost-in-Training

How to complete Ghost-in-Training

We suggest completing this after you’ve hoovered up all the other challenges on this level as it’s a very straightforward run if it’s your only objective. Like before, walk through the outside area and scramble up the small balcony that juts out from a spiral staircase.

Grab the bottle when you’re at the top of the staircase and sneak all the way along the corridor, turning right at the end and heading through the door. Keep veering right as you go through the room and then hop out of the bathroom window. Climb up the ladder by the trellis and then hide behind the chimney when you’re on the roof.

Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre: sneaking up a trellis

You’ll need to use careful timing and the bottles to stealth through this section. The path is forward and then right, so you need to throw the bottle to distract the guards to your right and time your movements so the guard on the left doesn’t have a line of sight.

Once you’ve passed the final guard there’s a ladder at the end of the patio, head up it and then join Alejandro in the elevator shaft. Once you’ve breached the penthouse you’re free to kill any guards inside.

And there you have it, every challenge and method for clearing out the Modern Warfare El Sin Nombre mission. If you’re curious about how much longer is left in the game then check out our full Modern Warfare 2 missions list or read our breakdown of the campaign length. We’ll be publishing plenty more guides in the coming days so keep us in mind as you’re fighting your way through the story mode.

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