Modern Warfare 2 ranked play release date speculation

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Is Modern Warfare 2 ranked play coming to the multiplayer game? With the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and multiplayer now available, players are already looking for ways the game will be improved and developed over time, and one of the big requests is for ranked play. Ranked play isn’t new to the Call of Duty series, but would be new for an Infinity Ward-led game, with Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare having never had a league play mode.

According to various Call of Duty leakers, ranked play hints have been datamined in Modern Warfare 2 code, and could be added to the FPS game in the future. But who will be developing this new mode? And how will it work? Here’s everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 ranked play.

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play details

With ranked play for Modern Warfare 2 having not actually been confirmed by Infinity Ward or any of the other Call of Duty developers, there’s clearly no release date yet. We do know that there is lots of post-launch content already scheduled, like Season 1 launching with Warzone 2.0, so ranked mode will more likely come much further down the line. Perhaps ranked play could be added with the release of season 2, just as Vanguard’s league play mode did, since the only official reference we have had to ranked play seemed to be linked to Warzone 2.0. In September’s Call of Duty Next stream, Infinity Ward Communications Director Stephanie Snowden stated that the team had been “listening to the conversations in the community, specifically around small maps, ricochet anti-cheat, ranked play and beyond.”

Fortnite Leaker TheGhostofHope suggested back in July that ranked play is coming, stating that Treyarch will helm the project. This is unsurprising, given that Black Ops ranked play was developed by Treyarch, and Sledgehammer brough Treyarch in to help with Vanguard’s League Play. What we don’t know is whether the Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare association will result in another different ranked mode than those we’ve seen before.

Modern Warfare 2 divisions

Something that suggests we could be getting an entirely new version of ranked play is another leak, this time from leaker VanguardIntel on Twitter, who has apparently seen datamined evidence of the new divisions names. Ranging from bronze up to, weirdly, crimson (why this is above diamond we’ll never know), the ranks also include an iridescent division, presumably at the top, for a total of seven potential ranks.

While that’s all we know about Modern Warfare 2 ranked play so far, there’s certainly enough to be getting on with in the meantime, with a variety of maps and game modes. Make sure you’re ready to drop in with the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and attachments, like the best M4 loadout, if you’re looking to play with one of the most popular weapons.

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