Mojo Silent Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse review

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As someone with a hearing sensitivity, the high-pitched click of a mouse can weigh on me. Good thing there are companies that make quieter mice, like Mojo. I reviewed Mojo’s Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse last year. The first mouse I tried had clickier clicks than I expected, but I assumed this to be an anomaly, as the next one I tried was much quieter. At first. After a while, the right switch got clickier and stopped reliably registering a lot of inputs. I found that I couldn’t play competitive online games using it. Still, I wanted to give Mojo another chance with a review of its more recent Silent Dual Mode Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse. While the results are far from terrible, they are disheartening all the same.

My initial experience somewhat mirrored my experience with previous type of Mojo mouse, albeit much worse. I plugged in the USB dongle, and then connected the charging cable to my PC. Nothing. I let it charge for an hour or so and pulled the cable out. Nothing. I tried again with a different mouse and, thankfully, this one was recognized as soon as I plugged in the charging cable. However, when I removed the cable? Nothing. I can’t get this mouse to work wirelessly at all, which is an issue I’ve never had with a wireless mouse before.


Here and there a clackity clack

On the brighter side, the right click on the Mojo Silent Dual Mode Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse isn’t clicky like the one on my previous mouse. Unfortunately, the left click is the one doing it this time. This wasn’t a problem with the first mouse of this variety that I tried. You know, the one that stopped working. This leads me to believe that either Mojo has some serious quality control issues or my awful luck is starting to infect the devices I try.

Mojo’s software app lets you adjust the polling rate for faster response times, set the lighting RGB effects, DPI settings, profiles, and custom button commands. (Image credit: Mojo).

Granted, the left click doesn’t make a high-pitched clickety clack every time I use it, but it’s often enough to grate. While I’m bummed that I can’t use the mouse wirelessly, it does work just fine plugged in. As I said, I just plugged it in, and it worked right away. On another note, unplugging the cable took far more force than I anticipated, although I can’t say if this gets any easier with successive removals.

Similarly, I don’t know how long the wireless battery life is since I can’t use it wirelessly. The Mojo Silent Dual Mode Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse (such a long name) has its own software, which is included in the box if you don’t want to download it from the Mojo site. Much like the other mouse variety, the software works fine, but is so tiny that I can barely read it. Buttons are all easily reprogrammable, and it’s easy to change the lighting. The only thing here is that my pinky is always sitting on my mouse pad.

The Mojo Silent Dual Mode Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse mostly feels sturdy. The clicks feel just like the Pro Performance despite my hopes that there would be some improvements, but the mouse is quite comfortable. The left side has an extended bit of plastic to rest your thumb on, plus a textured bit that you can press your thumb against when you want to keep it closer to the forward and backward buttons. The DPI buttons work exactly as expected, too.

Review verdict

The build and basic design are fine, and I do like its overall feel better than Mojo’s other gaming mouse. But this thing ain’t silent and I simply couldn’t use it wirelessly, which slices off two of the most desirable features the mouse is supposed to come with. Due to that, I can’t recommend that people take a risk with this one. The Mojo Silent Dual Mode Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse has an MSRP of $39.99 USD, but is often on sale. You can find the full product page on Mojo’s official product page.

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