Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord leaves Early Access with actual banners

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It doesn’t feel as though it was that long ago that the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access phase began, taking many of us who’d been waiting for years for the medieval sandbox game by complete surprise. That was more than two years ago now, though, and TaleWorlds’ ambitious follow-up to Warband is ready for its ‘official’ release, perhaps thanks to the addition of actual banners you can carry into battle.

That’s right: Bannerlord has banners now. They’re items your character or AI heroes can equip and carry into battle, and they’ll provide various benefits to the formation attached to whoever’s holding them. The components for banners, as well as the cloth banners themselves, can be crafted and customised, and if dropped, other troops can pick them back up to continue inspiring the rest of the formation.

TaleWorlds says that while Bannerlord 1.0 is now out the door, the studio is not finished with the game by any means. The studio has several features in the works, like allowing players to take over criminal enterprises, launching surprise attacks on besiegers to destroy their siege engines, and a new location for an ageing leader to use for a ceremony when handing the reins over to their heir.

TaleWorlds also says it has continued to improve its replay editor, which probably be included with the mod tools the studio plans to release in the next few months.

The release plans post on TaleWorlds’ official site has additional information. Check out our guide for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord cheats to find out about activating console commands and how to use them.

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