Movie clip grid, match cuts, and nude scenes guide

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Immortality places the power in your hands… at least when it comes to viewing various clips. As developer Sam Barlow’s third full-motion video, or FMV, game, you’ll try to uncover the mystery behind the failed projects of Marissa Marcel. Here’s our Immortality guide to help you with the movie clip grid, the use of match cuts, and the nude scenes in the game.

Note: We’ll have an Immortality guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.


Immortality guide: Movie clip grid, match cuts, and nude scenes

When you first start Immortality, you’ll see dozens of clips arranged neatly on your screen. This is the movie clip grid, a mechanic akin to the Moviola machines used by filmmakers of yore. As soon as you play a clip, however, you won’t get to watch whatever the thumbnail is. Instead, you’ll view a scene where an actress, Marissa Marcel, appears as a guest on a talk show.

This sets up the rest of the game as you delve further into Marcel’s career. There are three movies, with all sorts of footage (i.e., table reads, backstage segments, private moments, and more).

Note: That little bit with all the videos early on is just to tease you. You’ll have to discover more footage so you can select them in Immortality‘s movie clip grid.

The controls when watching clips are fairly simple: either the arrow keys or the analog stick to speed things up. You may also hold the shift key to help with rewinding and fast-forwarding.

Still, a more important function to take note of early on would be the use of match cuts in Immortality. Pressing the spacebar allows you to pause a scene at will. You can then mouse over an object that seems interesting. If it has an eye icon and you click on it, you’ll end up watching an entirely different scene that also has a semblance of that object.

Here are some examples:

  • Clicking on a painting will take you to another scene that also has a painting, whether it’s already hanging on the wall or still being made.
  • A rosary held by someone in the first movie might lead to a bit with a rosary used in the second film.
  • An actor in one movie might appear later in another flick where they play a different role. Alternatively, you might see them as part of table reads or certain private instances.

Note: When you’re viewing the grid menu, you can choose whether the clips are arranged chronologically in the order that you found them, or the particular film that they belong to.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that Immortality has a lot of nudity and sex scenes. For one thing, if you do end up seeing one, you can do a match cut on a nipple (yep) to discover a new sex scene. You might laugh, but the raunchy scenes in the game are actually integral and, in a way, almost fitting.

Soon, you’ll learn of an even deeper mystery and meet certain characters, too. We discuss this in a separate guide (which does have some spoilers).

Immortality is available via Steam.

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