My Time at Sandrock developer to announce a new game in October

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Two of developer Pathea Games’ previous titles, My Time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock, functioned as life sims with open exploration and real-time combat. But Pathea’s next game aims to go in a bit of a different direction. This new game, titled Let’s School, features similar life sim elements, but it stars a principal who sets out to rebuild a school using whatever funds he can scrounge up.

Pathea will officially announce Let’s School to English-speaking audiences sometime during mid-October, so those who enjoy My Time at Sandrock or the developer’s other works can look forward to hearing more about the game then.


Setting up for success

When constructing their ideal campus, players have numerous teaching facilities and equipment to consider, each with its own functions. Replacing the teaching equipment goes a long way towards increasing the efficiency of the facilities and the overall quality of teaching. Making room for more facilities will require players to expand the area around the school when they can afford to. Later on, larger facilities will open up, such as gymnasiums and libraries, with the catch that they require more resources to build.

To accrue more funds for the school, players will also need to pick and train teachers and students. Setting up courses can impact students’ learning capability and mood in various ways, and picking the right ones can prepare students effectively for exams. If students do well on the exam, they can reach “higher grades and study more advanced techniques.” Teachers, on the other hand, have a teaching ability stat that players can improve through the construction of a training room.

That’s not everything

All of this encompasses the central gameplay loop of Let’s School, but players have plenty of other gameplay systems to consider. For instance, teachers exploring off-campus locations can lead to several different events, and giving a speech before exams can affect how well students perform. From dealing with student’s carrying contraband to making sure your school has enough bathrooms, Let’s School will have plenty for you to do.

If you’ve already gotten your fill of My Time at Sandrock and feel like trying a new game by Pathea, you can look forward to Let’s School when it drops on PC sometime in 2023. Presumably after launch, Pathea plans to implement a free mode, more campus activities and facilities, and other features.

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