Mysterious FPS Project Slingshot has a cheese gun, and a closed alpha

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If there’s one thing that goes great with a hot FPS game, it’s cheese. At least, that’s the sense you get from this cryptic teaser trailer for Project Slingshot, the codename for a new multiplayer game that’s in the works from C77, which itself is a newly formed studio that includes some FPS veterans from 343 Industries and Bungie. C77 is looking for alpha testers, and you can sign up for a chance to fire a cheese gun right now.

Project Slingshot is set in a cyberpunk-inspired world that’s completely ruled by powerful corporations that favour violence over boardroom negotiations. Their brutal clashes are monetised and broadcast to legions of brand-loyal fans.

And so, you wind up with advertising like this – a dairy producer linking its nutritious milk products with a lethal assault carbine (complete with ‘Gen. 2 Hybrid Cheddar’ wrap and underslung grenade launcher):

C77 says Project Slingshot features intense objective-based 16v16 battles in sandbox maps, providing an “experience like no other when gamers pick their weapon of choice and enter the adrenaline-fueled combat of the new world.”

You can sign up at the official site for a chance to participate in the closed alpha. You’ll need to agree to an NDA and provide a few details about you and your PC.

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