Nahida best team comps guide

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Nahida is the Dendro Archon and, as you may have guessed, she’s quite powerful in her own right. In fact, one of the key facets that puts her head and shoulders above the rest is how she can fit with almost any squad setup. Likewise, she provides a ton of elemental mastery (EM) if you build her right. Here’s our Genshin Impact Nahida best team comps guide to help you with the ideal characters to have in the party.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our main build guide for Nahida.


Genshin Impact Nahida best team comps guide

Before we discuss the best team comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact, let’s talk about what makes her a highly flexible character in the first place:

  • Elemental skill: All Schemes to Know/Tri-Karma Purification – This ability lets you mark/connect multiple enemies, where each Dendro-based reaction caused will also trigger Dendro damage from Nahida. The damage is based on her ATK and EM.
  • Elemental burst: Illusory Heart – This creates a massive AoE field with buffs based on the number of characters with certain elemental types in the party:
    • Pyro – Increased damage done by Dendro procs on marked/connected enemies.
    • Electro – Decreased interval between procs.
    • Hydro – Increased AoE field/burst duration.
  • Passive: Compassion Illuminated – Gives 25% EM of the party member with the highest value; affects the active character on the field; max of 250 EM can be gained. This talent greatly enhances characters that rely heavily on EM or elemental reactions, even those that normally don’t synergize well with Dendro.

Bloom -> Hyperbloom

A Hyperbloom comp requires Dendro + Hydro (to create Dendro Cores/Bloom), followed up by Electro (to proc Hyperbloom). For this one, you can use the following:

  • Nahida
  • Hydro: Xinqiu, Yelan, or Kokomi are good options since they have rapid application or can apply Hydro while off-field.
  • Electro: Kuki Shinobu is the ideal choice here due to her field aura. Yae Miko, Raiden, or Fischl can also be used.
  • Flex: Anemo characters like Kazuha and Sucrose can aid you here. Their capabilities also synergize with Nahida’s EM boosts.

Note: If Kuki is your healer, then you can have Yelan or Xingqiu as your Hydro characters. If Kokomi is your healer, then you can go with Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, or Fischl.

Quicken -> Aggravate

Another one of the best team comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact relies on Aggravate. It requires Dendro + Electro (to apply Quicken). However, since the proc can only be triggered by continuous Electro attacks on Quicken-affected mobs, Nahida will mostly have a sub-DPS/applicator role. For this one, you can use the following:

  • Nahida
  • Electro main DPS: Cyno or Keqing are viable here. Don’t bother with Razor due to his slow and sluggish attacks.
  • Electro sub-DPS or support: Yae Miko and Fischl are your top choices here due to high uptime and off-field damage.
  • Flex: Any (or have another Electro character).

Genshin Impact Nahida Best Team Comp Guide Hyperbloom Comp Aggravate Nilou 1

Nilou’s team

Lastly, if you were lucky enough to obtain Nilou, then you can try her unique playstyle. It primarily relies on the effect of her Court of Dancing Petals talent. It greatly increases the damage of the third attack string while her elemental skill is active. However, you must have only Dendro or Hydro characters in your party. With this in mind, you’ll likely choose the following:

  • Nahida
  • Nilou
  • Xingqiu or Yelan can act as your sub-DPS.
  • Kokomi or Barbara can be your healer.

Genshin Impact Nahida Best Team Comp Guide Hyperbloom Comp Aggravate Nilou 2

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