NBA 2K23 MyTEAM changes detailed, no more contracts and online co-op

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By far the most popular mode in modern sports games seems to be that of the collectible card variety, and NBA2K23 MyTEAM is no exception. Each year appears to add very little in terms of game variety, most leaning on a roster update and calling it a day. This year, however, 2K Sports have released a series of changes that will be a welcome surprise for anyone who enjoys the basketball sim with any regularity.

The bane of my MyTEAM experience was always keeping players on the court – it wasn’t enough that you were able to build your roster, but each player had to be topped up with ‘contract’ cards. These consumable cards were harder to come by than they should have been, and buying them from the menus would cost a fortune. With that, I’m personally happy to see that 2K has done away with contract cards altogether, meaning your players are your players, and there’s nothing stopping you from fielding your strongest five every time.

One of the unique aspects of MyTEAM is the Triple Threat game mode. A stripped-down version of the traditional 5v5 basketball antics we’re all used to, this instead has three players on each side, with no stipulations on who you want on the court. It’s a much quicker, more arcade-like version of a standard match. This year 2K is introducing a co-op version of Triple Threat, so you and a friend can dominate the 3v3 landscape.

Lastly is the inclusion of position-locked roles in MyTEAM. Generally, when you’re making your way through the career mode in NBA 2K you handle one player – your player – and that is the only thing you control on the court. Eventually, you’ll understand your own player very well, their intricacies, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as develop a deeper knowledge of the position they play. With position-locked roles in MyTEAM you can take this deep knowledge of that position and take it to multiplayer – only know how to play Point Guard? No longer a problem, just let the AI do the blocking.

NBA 2K23 is due for release on September 9, but if you can’t wait that long for your competitive fix, check out the best sports games on PC that you can play right now. If you want to play this year’s NBA, there’s still some time to catch it on Game Pass, along with some other absolute gems.

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