New Baldur’s Gate 3 mod adds Critical Role’s Gunslinger DnD sublass

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If you’re looking for a new Baldur’s Gate 3 mod to spice up your worm-infested life, look no further than this new Gunslinger one. Ranged power, innovation, and the alluring spark of danger are the ingredients in this homebrew archetype used in Critical Role’s first campaign, and now you can use it in BG3 as a standalone class.

Baldur’s Gate 3‘s gunslinging is brought to you by Tet42 on Nexus Mods, who originally devised it as a Paladin subclass for the RPG game before re-implementing it into “a standalone hybrid Fighter/Battlemaster type class that uses firearms and deals ranged force damage smites.”

This mod introduces some cool class features, with Tet42 explaining that “All new Gunslingers begin the game with a worn-out Gunslinger revolver. There are ways to clean it up and upgrade it. Look around and you will find what you seek. A total of 5 guns exist. Two unique models and three unique skins. The Gunslinger’s revolver will take you all the way to the end game if you find the upgrades you need.” Originally uploaded on February 27, 2024, you can download the mod here.

If you’re unfamiliar with gunpowder in your fantasy worlds, here’s a quick explainer: Gunslingers are a Martial Archetype of fighters adept with firearms the first iteration of the Gunslinger in Dungeons and Dragons was Matthew Mercer’s homebrew creation. The famous Dungeon Master made it for the Vox Machina character Percival De Rolo, roleplayed by Taliesin Jaffe.

The Gunslinger class shares many similarities with the Battle Master Fighter option in Baldur’s Gate 3. With Gunslinger, you select a set of “Trick Shots” that allow you to perform some additional neat tricks, aside from just attacking and dealing damage.

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