New Valheim map lets you explore Diablo’s Sanctuary

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A new Valheim map gives you the chance to explore one of gaming’s most iconic worlds in the Viking survival game. If you’ve had your fill of the traditional land, and are looking to shake things up while we wait for developer Iron Gate’s full vision for the Valheim Ashlands, you can now take a trip to Diablo’ Sanctuary, the land that’s long been home to the Blizzard series and is most recently seen in Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal.

This Valheim Sanctuary map is an excellent way to give your next playthrough a whole new look. While there are plenty of great custom worlds created by modders to spice up one of the best co-op survival games on Steam, this has to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Rendered using an 8k height map and using the ‘Better Continents’ mod, this is a gorgeous region that replicates the diverse regions of Sanctuary.

There are the snow-capped mountains of the Fractured Peaks, the murky swamps of Bilefen, gorgeous, rolling plains and hills with rivers running deep inland from the sea, the arid deserts of the Shassar Sea in Khejistan, and more. Mod creator ‘Volkoz’ notes that they built this based on the regions seen in 2022’s Diablo Immortal, rather than the ones found in the more recent Diablo 4, but it’s still very much the Sanctuary you know and love.

They add that, given the largely exploratory nature of Valheim, you won’t find the traditional cities of Diablo here. Instead, they suggest, “It will be your adventure to find out where the villages and cities should be built!” It’s certainly a rather beautiful series of vistas, as seen in the extensive image gallery provided on the mod page (via DSOGaming).

If you’re planning to jump in for yourself, you have two ways to play. The first is built for regular Valheim, and requires no extra mods beyond the aforementioned ‘Better Continents.’ If you’re looking to mix things up more and perhaps get even more of that Diablo feel, there’s a version ready to use with the ‘Therzie’s Monstrum’ mod pack, a popular set of additions that adds new monsters and mini-bosses for all of the in-game biomes, including the Ashlands and the Deep North.

As a huge Diablo fan who’s been very tempted to return to Valheim with every new tease of the Ashlands, such as our latest glimpse at how the Valheim Ashlands weapons are coming along, this feels like an ideal chance to combine two of my loves for that truly fresh world feel. Perhaps I’ll see you in Sanctuary.

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