Nintendo Switch OLED model is official and coming in October

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Nintendo has officially unveiled a new version of its Nintendo Switch hardware known as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, launching this October.

This new iteration includes a 7-inch OLED screen, which promises more vivid colours and a higher contrast than the original model. Rather than using a backlight, images are displayed using individual pixels, with deeper blacks able to be achieved by turning a pixel’s light off.

Nintendo Switch OLED version will also include 64GB of storage and a wider adjustable stand, giving you more viewing options when using the console in Tabletop mode. Rather than the handheld configuration of the Switch Lite, the OLED model will come with a dock like its older brother, but the dock will now also include a LAN port meaning you can directly connect to an internet connection without an additional add-on. Finally, the new model also promises “enhanced audio” through improved on-board speakers

The new model will come in the traditional Neon blue/Neon red Joycon or a brand new white Joycon configuration, and all your current Nintendo Switch accessories should work with the new hardware, with some potential exceptions with the cardboard Nintendo Labo kits.

The news comes following months of speculation that a new ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ model was in the works, with a report from May claiming that the hardware had begun manufacture for launch later this year. Earlier rumours also pointed to the OLED display and claimed it could output 4K to a television, but the latter feature does not seem to have come to pass here.

A UK price hasn’t yet been fully confirmed at the time of writing, but we expect to hear more on that front very soon. The US price, meanwhile, will be $349.99 USD.  You can check out an FAQ on the new console on the Nintendo website. The Nintendo Switch OLED Model will launch on October 8.

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