Nursery of Lost Dreams guide (Aranyaka quest)

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You’ve just celebrated the Festival Utsava in Genshin Impact. But, that celebration is short-lived once the next step pops up on your screen. Here’s our Genshin Impact Aranyaka Part 3 Nursery of Lost Dreams guide to help you with the seals that need to be broken.

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Genshin Impact Aranyaka Part 3 Nursery of Lost Dreams guide

Track the Aranyaka Part 3 Nursery of Lost Dreams quest in Genshin Impact so the marker shows up on your map. Head to the Fane of Ashvattha and enter the dream realm. In this small domain, you’ll battle several Rifthounds before you can cleanse the Withering Zone.

Once you’ve done that, Arama will open the path to a desolate wasteland. This place has been corrupted entirely by Marana’s power.

While exploring here, Arama will have a green aura that allows you to survive as long as you’re within its area-of-effect. You’ll regenerate your HP, and your Withering meter will not rise above four pips. However, when you leave its radius to do something else, you’ll need to be quick since you’ll suffer from the curse’s affliction.

Anyway, continue walking with Arama while defeating baddies and interacting with the inscriptions inside small houses.

Eventually, you’ll reach a cavernous chamber covered by the sands of the desert. The Withering tumor here will be blasted by Arama, but he’ll also lose the aura.

You’ll now need to lift the seven seals in this chamber (make sure you activate the totems to lower your Withering meter). Four of the seals can be found in the initial area, so just use Pyro attacks to destroy them.

To find the others, you’ll want to stand next to the curious-looking flower and play the Vintage Lyre. This will open a tunnel where you can interact with the other seals.

After all seals are broken, return to Arama and watch as the cavern floor collapses. Fight the Ruin Grader here and you’ll realize that it won’t die. Soon, though, it will get shackled, and you’ll be able to defeat it.

In the next area, you’ll see a secluded spot that seems to be furnished already. The nameless Aranara from the festival shows up (his name is Aramuhukunda). After this, you’ll head to one final location to battle Marana’s Avatar.

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