Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU features arrive alongside Windows 11 fix

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An Nvidia GeForce Experience update has arrived, and it includes a Windows 11 22H2 fix and shiny new RTX 4000 Shadowplay tricks. The new driver follows a wave of gaming PC performance issues spurred on by Microsoft’s OS rollout, but it’ll also lay the groundwork for next-gen graphics card features.

According to Nvidia, GeForce Experience 3.26 packs RTX 4000 Shadowplay features, improves Windows 11 22H2 performance, and squashes a few bugs. Updating to the latest software version should alleviate any OS stuttering woes, which in turn will help you boost fps and performance in games.

While GeForce GPU owners will benefit right away from the fix, the previously mentioned RTX 4000 update will facilitate 8K 60fps HDR Shadowplay recording. Naturally, we’ll need to wait for the RTX 4090 to arrive before the feature becomes available, as the current best graphics card options are capped at 30fps while recording beyond 4K.

Nvidia says the new Shadowplay update applies to “RTX 40 class graphics cards,” so that hopefully covers the RTX 4090, both versions of the RTX 4080, and the unannounced RTX 4070. Of course, lower-tier cards may struggle to reach the loft heights of 8K 60fps, so you might need to invest in the flagship to benefit from the fancy recording feats.

Shadowplay shenanigans aside, Nvidia recommends updating to GeForce Experience 3.26 using the app or a manual download. With it comes additional optimisation for 51 of the best PC games, including Elden Ring and Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

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