Nvidia teases GeForce event that’s likely the RTX 40 Series reveal

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It would appear Nvidia has officially begun the countdown to the RTX 40 Series announcement. A mysterious tweet referencing something called “#ProjectBeyond” appeared on the NVIDIA GeForce Twitter account, alongside an announcement from the company to tune in for a special livestream on September 20 at 11 AM ET. Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang will give a presentation at GTC 2022 discuss the “latest breakthroughs in gaming, creating, and graphics technology.”

Amid the swirling rumors and leaks related to the RTX 40 Series, it seems pretty obvious what Nvidia plans to announce. We’re, of course, still technically speculating about the announcement, but there’s plenty of supporting evidence. In addition, it’s important to note the emphasis on the GeForce brand that’s designated for Nvidia gaming products.


Nvidia typically kicks off each new graphics card series with teasers and a build-up of some sort to an official reveal. With this in mind, this move makes the reveal seem fairly predictable. We also have supporting statements from Huang when speaking to investors in a recent quarterly earnings call.

To infinity

What’s less predictable, is the meaning behind “Project Beyond.” Nvidia tweeted out an image of what any Star Wars fan would scream is a holocron. Perhaps this time Nvidia will draw upon the Force to augment its graphics power. All jokes aside, there is always the possibility that Nvidia introduces a new initiative or technology that isn’t directly related to the RTX 40 Series.

For those not fully caught up with the RTX 40 Series rumors, it’s expected to be another massive generational increase. Estimates suggest mainstream cards could offer roughly 60% performance increases over the RTX 30 Series, while flagship behemoths could reach 80-100% performance increases. In addition to this, we may get better ray tracing efficiency that will hopefully make fancy lighting more accessible to all without destroying framerates.

Mark your calendars for September 20 at 11 AM ET, and make sure to have the coffee ready if you’re in the pacific time zone. Of course, the Nvidia RTX 40 Series announcement alone might be enough to fuel you through the day. We’re also expecting AMD to lift the lid off the Radeon 7000 Series soon, which should give Nvidia a true run for its money this generation.

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