Oculus Quest 3 release date, price, and specs rumours

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The Oculus Quest 3 is expected to carry the torch from the Oculus Quest 2 as the company formerly known as Facebook brings about its Metaverse plans. It’s worth mentioning that this VR headset is completely different to the upcoming Project Cambria, which is also known as the Oculus Quest Pro / Meta Quest Pro.

Releasing a successor to one of the best VR headsets on the market isn’t an unexpected move, but Meta recently rebranded its Quest lineup to better match its Facebook parent company name. Naturally, this means the Oculus Quest 2 could be the last of its kind, as the Oculus Quest 3 will likely release as the Meta Quest 3 instead.

Meta’s Quest is set to continue, and the gaming PC headset will likely take a different path to that of Project Cambria. Yet, both VR experiences could feature similar tech under the hood, which makes matching up rumours difficult. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the Oculus Quest 3 release date rumours, potential price, and its possible specs under the hood.

Here’s everything we know about the Oculus Quest 3:

Oculus Quest 3 price speculation

The Oculus Quest 3 hasn’t got an official price tag, but it’s likely cheaper than Meta’s Project Cambria since it targets the consumer space instead of the professional market. It’s also worth noting that the Oculus Quest 2 costs considerably less than the original, with 64GB models coming in at $299 USD rather than $399 USD at launch. If this price trend continues, the Quest 3 could end up being even more affordable than its predecessors.

In a way, maintaining an accessible price point benefits Meta’s ambitions. By letting newcomers and casual players experience virtual reality for cheap, the company could drum up interest in the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

That said, Meta has announced an Oculus Quest 2 price increase, and the current gen VR headset will cost $399.99. Naturally, this suggests a successive device would cost the same if not more, so don’t hold your breath for a cheap virtual reality newcomer.

Oculus Quest 3 silhouette with the Meta Quest logo on the VR headset in white

Oculus Quest 3 release date rumours

Meta hasn’t provided an ETA for its next wave of VR products, but release date rumours from XR hardware analyst Brad Lynch say that Project Cambria could launch before the Oculus Quest 3. It’s now expected that Cambria will be fully unveiled at Meta Connect 2022, while the Quest 3 will make its debut at Meta’s 2023 Connect event.

Of course, component shortages and the ongoing pandemic could disrupt Meta’s VR headset release plans. So, until we get official word from the social media giant, it’s probably best to take any analyst leaks with the usual grain of salt.

Oculus Quest 2 in use by player holding controllers towards camera

Oculus Quest 3 specs rumours

The Oculus Quest 2 is an impressive piece of kit that improved upon the original Quest where it counts. However, the Oculus Quest 3 will go up against the likes of Sony’s PSVR 2, which boasts 4K HDR OLED panels and a 2000×2040 per eye resolution.

While it’s safe to say that Meta’s new headset improve upon the Quest 2’s resolution, Brad Lynch says the Quest 3 could use newer uOLED screen tech. Ultimately, this could give the headset an edge over Sony’s future VR offering, especially when it comes to maximising image quality.

The Oculus Quest 3 will likely match the Quest 2’s 120Hz refresh rate, and its capabilities could improve with future updates. Meta might even opt to use light-field display technology, a new innovation by VR company Creal. Not only would the tech bring 240Hz to the device, but it could blur the line between real and virtual reality visuals with enhanced distance rendering.

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Lynch revealed CAD designs that show the Oculus Quest 3 as a mixed reality headset with a soft strap similar to that of the Quest 2. The schematics features pancake lenses similar to those on the Pico 4, potentially powered by a Qualcomm XR2 Gen 2 chip.

While the Cambria is expected to feature full body tracking, the designs show that the Oculus Quest 3 doesn’t feature either body or eye tracking support. This could change before an official announcement, but it’s looking more likely that the Quest 3 is instead geared towards gaming rather than the overall social Metaverse.

Oculus Quest 2 headset and controllers sitting on white surface

Oculus Quest 3 controller rumours

Meta hasn’t relieved its new VR controllers just yet, but screenshots shared by YouTuber Basti564 suggest that an upgrade is on the way. Leaked via an alleged Meta Facebook Workplace meeting, the controllers feature a familiar disc shape and built-in infrared cameras that could replace the need for tracking rings.

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It’s hard to tell whether the controllers in Basti564’s video are legitimate, and there’s nothing that suggests they’ll pair with the Oculus Quest 3. In fact, the video explicitly refers to the Oculus Quest Pro, the non-Quest device that’s now known as Project Cambria. There’s every chance that both headsets could use the same controllers, something that could establish common ground across Meta’s upcoming VR range.

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