One of 2023’s best indie games is now on sale

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Dredge is not just any fishing game, no. It’s an incredibly eerie yet atmospheric Lovecraftian experience that thrusts you into the role of a fisher exploring some seriously mysterious depths. The indie game stands as one of this year’s best releases, thanks to its unique gameplay and creepy setting. If you have not yet played Dredge, then this is the perfect time to grab it as it is discounted during a limited Fanatical sale along with other great Team17 games.

I love indie games thanks to their sheer variety, whether it be a cozy farming experience or a spooky one. Dredge leans more toward the latter genre there, with its artistic Lovecraftian world. It doesn’t lose the coziness though, as I admittedly have spent a good few hours in-game just relaxing by fishing and sorting through my inventory. The dark lore only adds to the enjoyment, though, as it provides a sharp edge that one wouldn’t usually expect from a game about fishing.

The game is a steal right now, as Dredge is currently $16.74 / £14.73 at 33% off. If curiously creepy fish aren’t your thing, though, this isn’t the only Steam download deal to keep an eye on as Fanatical has lined up a variety of Team17 game sales to browse through. One of these is none other than Hell Let Loose, currently sitting at 43% off.

Some other notable titles on sale include The Escapists, sitting at a whopping 82% off, The Survivalists, the entire Overcooked series, Golf With Your Friends, Thymesia, Ship of Fools, and Monster Sanctuary for those of you looking to scratch that Pokemon on PC itch.

There are many more available deals from the publisher, though. For a more in-depth look at everything the Team17 sale on Fanatical has to offer, be sure to check out the official discount page here where you can see all of the available titles that are currently marked down.

If you love how Dredge sends chills down your spine, then you may like some of our other favorite horror games. Alternatively, you can browse through a few of the best PC games around right now for some more variety.

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