Original Halo 2 ending shown off in impressive storyboard animations

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Halo 2’s ending is about as iconic as it gets. Master Chief’s “finishing this fight” line might just go down as an all-timer for badass moments in video games full stop, never mind FPS games. We should count ourselves lucky then, as Halo 2’s ending was almost very different, and an incredibly dedicated fan has just finished animating all the previously lost storyboards together, giving us our best look at that original ending yet.

This colossal feat was accomplished by YouTuber C3 Sabertooth, who’s turned all of the original narrative’s storyboards into a series of videos that clocks in at around three hours long, with the ending video being released recently.

The project was only made possible thanks to former Bungie developer Lee Wilson, who shared massive amounts of storyboards and illustrations for the then in early development Halo 2 and Halo 3, which C3 Sabertooth used to flesh out the original story of Halo 2 (via Windows Central).

As far as fan-developed projects go, this is certainly right up there. C3 Sabertooth has put in voice acting, sound effects, music, and even dynamic transitions to help bring all of the comic book-esque storyboards to life. C3 Sabertooth also provides a lot of great context regarding the actual narrative and lore of Halo in between the produced segments of the storyboards too.

Some of the voice acting is even from cut lines from other Halo games, lending to the legitimate nature of this reconstruction of Halo 2’s ending even more. C3 Sabertooth’s YouTube channel is filled with all the other videos of the original Halo 2 story, if you fancy getting the popcorn and putting your feet up.

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