Pathless Woods Now Available in Early Access

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A cozy open-world survival journey awaits with the Early Access release of AniYa Games Studio’s Pathless Woods.

In this title, players will be able to let their creative spirit shine as they craft beautiful structures that channel the best elements of ancient Chinese architecture. A co-op multiplayer adventure, players can endure the wilderness, explore mysteries, protect their homeland, and even farm and harvest.

See it for yourself with the launch trailer below:

Pathless Woods | OUT NOW on Steam!

The developers at Aniya Games said the following:

“In a market flooded with many similar games in this genre, Pathless Woods’ distinguishes itself with its unique ancient China theme. It combines elements of construction, exploration, and survival in a beautifully crafted world. There’s a wealth of content to explore and engage with, and we’re genuinely looking forward to seeing the creative endeavors our players will undertake in this world!”

Aniya Games

All those interested can purchase the game via the official Pathless Woods Steam page. The title is currently 10% off from now through April 16, and a demo can also be downloaded from the same page.

Want to join the conversation? Be sure to also check out the official Pathless Woods Discord channel for the game.

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