PC users can chat with friends on Xbox via Discord starting today

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For this current generation, Microsoft has clearly aimed to provide better services for its gaming division. With Game Pass, some titles are cross-platform, letting PC and console users play together. However, one issue that prevented console and PC users from optimal sessions was the lack of in-game chat — emphasis on the was. Today, PC owners can chat with their Xbox friends with the newly launched Discord app on the console.

The feature was announced back in July. Xbox Insiders have been testing the Discord app, likely hanging out with their buddies on both PC and mobile. Starting today, you can do so as well. However, the feature does take some finagling to get it working well.


You need to connect your Xbox and Discord accounts together to make use of the app. Microsoft has provided a full how-to list on the Xbox support website. On PC, you’ll need to open up your Discord app and navigate to User Settings. Once there, click on ‘Connections’ and then click the Xbox logo at the top. Hit ‘Continue,’ and a new page will open letting you sign in with your Xbox account. Over on the Xbox, you need to open up the guide, then dive through ‘Profile & system,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Account,’ and ‘Linked social accounts.’ Link up via the Discord tile and follow the instructions.

We’re not done yet. Once you reach this point, you need to join the voice channel you want, right-click on the channel name, and click on ‘Transfer Voice to Xbox.’ Scan the QR code to open up the Xbox mobile app, the hit ‘Transfer Voice. Whew, that’s a lot of steps.

And there are some caveats

So, you’d be right in thinking that it’s a lot of work to get PC and Xbox users chatting on Discord. But there’s a bit more to know, as Microsoft listed some limitations with the feature:

  • Features typically found in Xbox party chat are not supported in Discord voice channels, such as Invite everyone to game, Join game, Switch to game chat, Party overlay, View profile card, and more.
  • You can’t mix Discord friends with Xbox friends. A Discord voice channel will contain Discord friends, while Xbox party chat will contain Xbox friends.
  • Switching between Discord voice channels on console is not supported. You’ll need to retransfer audio from Discord again to switch to a new voice channel.
  • Discord voice channel audio can’t be broadcast through Xbox live streaming.
  • Discord is not available in all countries/regions.

It’s probably not perfect, but it might be the best we’ll get when dealing with a cross-platform app. For more on the feature, check out the support page linked above.

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