Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Finale: Tips, Tricks, And Prep Guide

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Pokemon Go’s annual Go Fest event has been bigger than ever in 2022, with three in-person events in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo, as well as a two-part global event accessible to all players. As the Season of Go comes to a close, the finale of the global event is coming up quickly. Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for the event and how to make the most of it.

What, Where, When, How?

What: Pokemon Go Fest Global Finale Event

Where: Wherever you are

When: August 27 from 10 AM – 6 PM local time

How: If you bought a ticket for the June 4 – 5 Global Go Fest Event, you automatically get to participate in the finale. If you didn’t, you can buy a ticket in the shop for $10.99 USD (or local currency equivalent). Anyone who already has a ticket can also gift a ticket to up to three friends for only $5.99 USD (or local currency equivalent), so a group of friends can get a good discount.

What to Expect

If you played in the June 4 – 5 Go Fest event earlier this summer, or even in the 2020 or 2021 Go Fest events, you’ll be familiar with the general format. The Go Fest Finale will feature four rotating habitats, each one lasting two hours and themed after one of the four Ultra Beasts that have been released this season: Pheromosa, Buzzwole, Xurkitree, and Nihilego. Different Pokemon will spawn in the wild and from Incense during each habitat, and below the Pokemon that have been announced in advance will get a quick overview of their usefulness.

Ultra Incursion: Pheromosa (10 AM to 12 PM local time)

Pheromosa in Pokemon Go

Wild Spawns (the Pokemon names bolded below can be encountered in their shiny forms):

  • Pikachu Wearing a Shaymin Scarf – A new costumed shiny for those who collect costumed Pokemon.
  • Scyther – Mega Scizor was just released, so if you haven’t gotten a good one yet this could be your opportunity. Scizor also has niche play in all three PvP Leagues and is a strong Bug-type raid attacker.
  • Pinsir – Prepare yourself early by finding a good Pinsir for its eventual Mega release. Even without its Mega Evolution, Pinsir is a strong Bug-type raid attacker;
  • Sudowoodo – Sudowoodo has seen some success in Great League, mostly in limited metas. This is also a good chance to collect Candy XL to be able to power up a Bonsly for Great League or Sudowoodo for Ultra League.
  • Hitmontop – If you missed the shiny at the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto event back in February, this could be a good opportunity to add this relatively recent shiny to your collection. Hitmontop also has some use in Great League and can even be a spicy option in Ultra League if you want to invest Candy XL.
  • Meditite – Medicham is one of the most popular Pokemon in the Great League, and it will also have a Mega Evolution coming some time in the future. If you still need a high-ranking Medicham or more Candy XL to fully power one up, this will be a great opportunity.
  • Anorith – Anorith isn’t a very common spawn, so many players may still be missing this shiny.
  • Kricketot – Not every spawn is going to be something special, but at least you can get the shiny if you’re still hunting one.
  • Woobat – Another relatively infrequent spawn outside of events, so a good chance to go shiny hunting.
  • Karrablast – This shiny was just released in June for the first part of the Global Go Fest event, and Escavalier is useful in the Great and Ultra Leagues.

Incense Spawns:

  • Galarian Mr. Mime – While neither Galarian Mr. Mime nor its evolution, Mr. Rime, are particularly useful, they were restricted to a very short, paid event in December 2020 until very recently. This could also fill a hole in some players’ Pokedexes if they have yet to register a Mr. Mime, which is regional to Europe.
  • Unown B, G, N, O, P, S, X – Unown are extraordinarily rare outside of events like Go Fest, so this is a good time to stock up. All of the Unown in this event can be shiny, and this is the first time ever that Unown N and X will be available in their shiny forms;
  • Pansage – This will be plenty of players’ first chance to catch this regional Pokemon normally restricted to the Asia-Pacific region, which just had its shiny released earlier this month at Go Fest Sapporo.

Ultra Incursion: Buzzwole (12 PM – 2 PM local time)

Buzzwole in Pokemon Go
Buzzwole in Pokemon Go

Wild Spawns:

  • Pikachu Wearing a Shaymin Scarf
  • Machop – Machamp has long been one of the best Fighting-type raid bosses in the game. If you don’t already have one (or several) on your raid rosters, this is a good time to get some ready. Machamp also has play in all three PvP leagues.
  • Geodude – Alolan Geodude may have recently had a Community Day, but shiny Kantonian Geodude may be more elusive to some trainers.
  • Hitmonlee – A hard-to-find shiny outside of its release in the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event last year. It also shares Candy XL with Hitmonchan and Hitmontop, who both need it to be able to compete in Ultra League.
  • Hitmonchan – Like its kick-themed brother, this is a relatively hard-to-come-by shiny, and Hitmonchan has some play in both Great and Ultra Leagues.
  • Magmar – If you missed Magmar’s Community Day in 2020, this could be a good chance to get yourself a shiny or two.
  • Numel – Numel’s shiny was only recently released, so many players may still be lacking it. Its evolution, Camerupt, also has a Mega Evolution that will likely appear at some point in the future.
  • Cranidos – Although glassy, Rampardos can deal out quite a bit of Rock-type damage in raid battles. It’s also a pretty new shiny that some may still need.
  • Drilbur – One of the few Pokemon featured without an available shiny, Drilbur is still worth catching as Excadrill is a great Ground-type raid attacker and an important part of the Master League meta, so stock up on those Candy XL.
  • Axew – Haxorus is a fan-favorite Dragon with a great shiny design, and this is a great chance to hunt it without spending raid passes. Haxorus also has some play in Master League, especially the Master League Premier Cup.

Incense Spawns:

  • Unown B, G, N, O, P, S, X
  • Torkoal – This regional Pokemon normally restricted to mainland Asia will be great for players who can’t make the trip there and missed the first Go Fest event in June.
  • Pansear – This regional Pokemon is usually restricted to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and just had its shiny released at Go Fest Berlin in July.

Ultra Incursion: Xurkitree (2 PM – 4 PM local time)

Xurkitree in Pokemon Go
Xurkitree in Pokemon Go

Wild Spawns:

  • Pikachu Wearing a Shaymin Scarf
  • Electabuzz – Electivire, especially its shadow variant, is a great Electric-type raid attacker.
  • Electrike – This could be an opportunity to get a strong candidate to Mega Evolve into Mega Manectric.
  • Shinx – Shinx’s recent Community Day made Luxray a bit more viable in PvP with the new move Psychic Fangs, but it’s still a pretty niche pick at best.
  • Lileep – A relatively rare spawn outside events that some may still need a shiny of. Its evolution, Cradily, also can be useful in Great League, and even Ultra League if you’re willing to invest the Candy XL.
  • Burmy (Sandy) – Burmy and Wormadam’s Sandy form isn’t the most useful, but they do share Candy and Candy XL with the much more useful Trash Cloak Wormadam.
  • Combee – This is a new shiny many players likely still don’t have, but even more importantly, it grants 750 Stardust when caught.
  • Foongus – Like Combee, this is a new shiny that also gives extra Stardust when caught.
  • Joltik – While it can’t be shiny, Galvantula is a very good Pokemon in Great League, and maxed out with Candy XL in Ultra League.
  • Shelmet – Accelgor isn’t as useful as its counterpart Escavalier, but this is still a new shiny that was just released during the June 4 – 5 Global Go Fest event that trainers now get a second shot at.
  • Stunfisk – Unovan Stunfisk hasn’t had its shiny released yet like its Galarian cousin, but both share the same Candy and Candy XL, and both are very useful in Great League and Ultra League.

Incense Spawns:

  • Unown B, G, N, O, P, S, X
  • Klink – this shiny is usually only available through raids and eggs, so it’s nice to be able to hunt them during this event.
  • Panpour – This regional Pokemon is usually restricted to the Americas, and just had its shiny released in July at Go Fest Seattle.

Ultra Incursion: Nihilego (4 PM – 6 PM local time)

Nihilego in Pokemon Go
Nihilego in Pokemon Go

Wild Spawns:

  • Bulbasaur – This classic starter Pokemon is strong in the Great and Ultra Leagues when evolved to Venusaur, and has a Mega Evolution that’s great for raids. Make sure to wait to get its Community Day move Frenzy Plant when you can.
  • Pikachu Wearing a Shaymin Scarf
  • Clefairy – Clefable is a strong Charm-user in Great and Ultra Leagues.
  • Tentacool – Tentacruel can be a strong check to Great League king Azumarill, but outside of that niche it’s not all that useful.
  • Chansey – This bulky Pokemon and its evolution Blissey have been staples for holding gyms since way back in 2016. The minty green shiny is a personal favorite, as well.
  • Tangela – This shiny was released a while back, but Tangela hasn’t been a terribly common spawn so this is a good opportunity to snag one. Its evolution, Tangrowth, also has some use in Ultra League (especially the Premier Classic format).
  • Omanyte – Players still working on the “Let’s GO, Meltan” special research will be happy to be able to check off this Pokemon that’s required for one of the steps.
  • Chikorita – Like Bulbasaur, its evolution can be useful in the Great League (and Ultra if you’re willing to invest Candy XL), but needs its Community Day move Frenzy Plant.
  • Turtwig – This might be a spawn to pass on when there are more valuable things in the area, unless you’re still missing the shiny for this former Community Day Pokemon.
  • Burmy (Plant) – Like the Sandy Cloak version spawning during the Xurkitree habitat, Plant Cloak Burmy and Wormadam aren’t very useful, but the Candy and Candy XL can be useful to put into a Trash Cloak Wormadam, which is useful in some restricted Great League formats. It’s also a pretty rare shiny.
  • Munna – This is one of the new shinies debuting for the Go Fest Finale event. Make sure to snag one (or a couple), though neither it nor its evolution, Musharna, aren’t terribly useful for anything.
  • Frillish (Female) – Jellicent is very useful in both Great and Ultra Leagues (though requires Candy XL for the latter), so this is a good time to find a good one and stock up on resources to power them up.
  • Swirlix – Swirlix’s shiny was just released within the past month, so many players likely still don’t have one.
  • Skrelp – Dragalge has some use in Great and Ultra Leagues. It’s by no means a necessity to compete, but it can be a nice addition to your rosters.

Incense Spawns:

  • Unown B, G, N, O, P, S, X
  • Tropius – This regional Pokemon is usually locked to Africa and the Middle East. It’s a strong Great League pick that players from other regions who don’t have the ability to travel there will be happy to get their hands on.
  • Frillish (Male) – The only difference between male and female Frillish and Jellicent are the colors, so male Jellicent has the same play in Great and Ultra Leagues as female Jellicent. This is a rare opportunity to get a male Jellicent with low Attack for PvP, and gives more chances to stock up on Candy and Candy XL.


The Go Fest Finale will include event-specific raid bosses in one-star, three-star, and five-star raids. One and three-star raids will be the same for the entire event, but five-star raids will change with each habitat.

One-Star Raids:

  • Pikachu Wearing a Shaymin Scarf – Electric is only weak to Ground-type attacks.
  • Axew – Take it down easily with Ice types, Fairies, and other Dragons.
  • Rockruff – Use Fighting, Ground, Water, or Grass-types for another chance to get more shinies for its multiple evolution forms (including Dusk Form which has yet to be released).

Three-Star Raids:

  • Snorlax – Use Fighting-types for this elusive shiny and to gather Candy and Candy XL to build this tank that’s useful in all three PvP leagues.
  • Salamence – Ice-type attacks are doubly effective against this Dragon and Flying-type that works as an excellent raider against other Dragons with its Community Day move.
  • Druddigon – Like Axew, use Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-types to get a shot at this relatively new shiny;
  • Dartrix, Torracat, Brionne – These middle-stage Alola starters probably aren’t the best use of your raid passes, but if you do raid them, use Fire, Water, and Grass respectively against them.

Five-Star Raids – Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree will make their global debuts in five-star raids during their respective habitats, with all three plus Nihilego appearing during the final habitat. Here’s a quick rundown of their counters and usefulness.

  • Pheromosa – Bug/Fighting is double weak to Flying damage, so break out those Rayquaza, Staraptor, and Moltres. Pheromosa is extremely glassy so should be pretty easy for most trainers to defeat, but unfortunately there isn’t much use for it.
  • Buzzwole: Same typing and double weakness as Pheromosa, but Buzzwole looks like it will make an impact in Ultra and Master Leagues (raid level Buzzwole is too high CP to be used in Great League).
  • Xurkitree: As an Electric-type, it is only weak to Ground, so Excadrill, Garchomp, Rhyperior, and Groudon are your friends. Xurkitree looks to be a very good Electric-type raid attacker with its huge Attack stat.
  • Nihilego: Rock and Poison typing makes Nihilego double weak to Ground, so you can use the same counters as you use against Xurkitree. It’s the best Poison-type raid attacker, but that type is really only useful against things with a double weakness, like Grass/Fairy Tapu Bulu.


Players who have tickets will get the following perks and bonuses:

  • Up to nine free in-person Raid Passes from spinning Gyms (you can only have one at a time in your bag).
  • Up to five snapshot encounters (likely either the new costumed Pikachu or Rotom’s Mow form, which was available at the in-person Go Fests).
  • 5000 extra XP from defeating in-person raids.
  • Incense will last two hours.
  • 3x XP for spinning Pokestops and Gyms.
  • Eggs hatch in half the normal distance,
  • Shaymin will be able to change forms between Sky and Land Formes.
  • A total of four special researches.
  • Increased chance of finding shiny Pokemon.

Free-to-Play Experience

Players who don’t have a ticket will still be able to access some features of the event:

  • The raids that appear will be the same for all players regardless of whether they have a ticket.
  • Non-ticketed players will get one snapshot encounter.
  • Non-ticketed players will get the first special research that ticketed players get, but not the other three.
  • Non-ticketed players will be able to encounter at least some of the same wild spawns, such as Munna, but not the Incense-inclusive spawns.
  • Some new cosmetic items will be available in the shop for all players regardless of ticket.

How to Prepare

Make sure you’re prepared in advance to make the most of the event:

  • Have a location to play in with plenty of stops, spawns, and gyms.
  • Pack spare batteries, charger cables, water, and snacks.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Clear space in your Pokemon storage – I plan to make sure I have at least 1000 spaces for the event. You can make space by trading or transferring Pokemon you don’t want, by purchasing storage space increases, or both.
  • Pre-set your raid teams – Make sure you’re contributing to raids as best you can by setting up teams in advance for each boss instead of relying on the game’s auto-selected teams.
  • Decide in advance which Pokemon and habitats you’re prioritizing. The ones with the least importance are a good time to take breaks to get food, trade, or manage your inventory.
  • Plan with friends – Go Fest is all about the Pokemon Go community, and it’s best when played together. Get a group of friends together to play, or find a local Pokemon Go community to meet up with and make new friends.
  • Have fun!

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