Pokemon Legends: Z-A Coming in 2025

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Trainers will be able to experience a new adventure in Lumiose City with the release of Pokemon Legends: Z-A in 2025.

A new entry in the Legends series, Pokemon Legends: Z-A tells of a Lumiose City that is featuring an urban redevelopment plan. This is set to shape the city into an area suitable for people and Pokémon alike.

The second-most populated city in the Pokemon world, this area is in the north-central part of the Kaos region. Its slogan is the City of Light, and the Prism Tower proudly stands tall. For fans of Super Smash Bros., this area is also featured as a stage.

While the trailer does not feature actual gameplay footage, be sure to check out the teaser for Pokemon Legends: Z-A below:

Pokemon Legends: Z-A releases simultaneously worldwide in 2025!​

The game is slated to come out for the Nintendo Switch.

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