Pokemon Unite: Pika Party Guide

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With Pokemon Unite’s one-year anniversary coming to a close, there is still a week left of Pika Party. Pika Party is the new 4v4 Quick Match mode celebrating the Electric-type Mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. The entire map is changed to the aesthetic of Pikachu, from the walls, balloons, colors, and there are even holograms of Pikachu littering the map. But that is not all littering the map. Every Wild Pokemon is now Pikachu, with certain Pikachu providing different buffs alongside a massive Gigantamax Pikachu taking the middle spot, which is normally reserved for Legendary Pokemon such as Zapdos or Regigigas.

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This guide will go through the best-Held Items for Pikachu, the best moveset, the different buffs Wild Pikachu awards on defeat, the different rewards you will obtain from playing Pika Party, and more.

Pikachu is ready to tumble with Choice Specs, Energy Amplifier, and Buddy Barrier.

Held Items

Pikachu is a ranged special attacker. Low endurance with a slight lean on mobility, that is able to consistently deal massive damage. Pikachu is one of the higher-tier Pokemon in the game, and a powerhouse when used properly.

The must-have items for Pika Party are:

  • Energy Amplifier
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Choice Specs

Since Pika Party is a Quick Match, which means these types of matches only last five minutes long. Levels with experience are expedited and gained much faster than 10-minute matches.

Energy Amplifier decreases the cooldown of moves, but more importantly, after using Pikachu’s Unite Move Thunderstorm, the damage Pikachu deals will be increased for a short time. The Energy Amplifier also allows Pikachu to build up its Unite Move faster.

Buddy Barrier grants Pikachu increased max HP, so it can cover its weakness of being one of the more low-health Pokemon in the game. After using Buddy Barrier, Pikachu and its allies will gain a shield. This shield can be used as a last resort to turn the tide on a tough battle after using Thunderstorm. In combination with Energy Amplifier, these two items will cause both destructive and defensive capabilities after unleashing a Thunderstorm. Sometimes, you want to use your Unite Move with Buddy Barrier equipped not to just save yourself, but your Pikachu squad on the whole.

Choice Specs increase Pikachu Special Attack. The higher its special attack, the more of an increase in damage. Simple, but effective to send shockwaves to the enemy team throughout the match.


Pika Party is all about dishing out as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, so the ideal moveset is Electro Ball with Thunderbolt.

Electro Ball has a five-second cooldown, slows movement speed upon hitting the enemy, reduces basic attack speed from opposing Pokemon, deals damage in an area, and deals extra damage if the opposing Pokemon’s health is low enough. An excellent move that is able to snipe any escaping low-health Pokemon, since it is a sure-hit move.

Thunderbolt has an eight-second cooldown, damages Pokemon, and stuns any caught in the circle. A great interruption move and is able to completely cancel out enemy Pikachu when they are attempting to use their own moves.

In a recent update, Pikachu was given Spell Vamp. Pikachu gains 12.5% Spell Vamp at Level 9, and when Pikachu uses any move, it will restore some health to Pikachu. Since both Electro Ball plus Thunderbolt have the lowest cooldown of move choice on levels 4 and 6 respectively, this will give Pikachu more chances to activate its Spell Vamp upon reaching Level 9.

These Held Items combined with this Moveset have you deal more than 80,000 damage per Pika Party when played correctly.

Pikachu Buffs

Not only are all of the Pokemon players use in Pika Party Pikachu, but all of the Wild Pokemon are also Pikachu. Outside of the Level 2 Wild Pikachu, the other Wild Pikachu provides buffs upon their defeat.

This Wild Pikachu spins its tail to attack in a circular fashion.

A Wild Pikachu inflicting damage and pushing away any Pikachu approaching with its tail.
A Wild Pikachu inflicting damage and pushing away any Pikachu approaching with its tail.

Defeating this Pikachu will grant your Pikachu a nullifying shield that appears periodically. This shield is potent enough for you to even take down two enemy Pikachu at once.

This Wild Pikachu unleashes a Thunderbolt that will stun you in a small area.

Be careful as to not be stunned by Wild Pikachu Thunderbolts.
Be careful as to not be stunned by Wild Pikachu Thunderbolts.

After knocking this Wild Pikachu out, your Pikachu’s basic attacks release thunderbolts from the sky that lower the enemy’s movement and attack speed.

This Wild Pikachu can displace you by riding a surfboard in your direction.

Ride that Surf, Pikachu!
Ride that Surf, Pikachu!

When knocking out this Wild Pikachu, your Pikachu’s movement speed increases leaving a small wave, while any hindrances you receive are reduced in efficiency.

It is important to note–you can only have one of these Wild Pikachu buffs at a time. After you grab a new one, it will replace your old one. If you grab the same one you had previously–for example, defeating two Surf Pikachus in a row–then it will just reset the buffs allowing you to have increased movement speed with limited hindrances affecting you. You cannot have more than one of these buffs active on your Pikachu at once.

Lastly, this map has a Gigantamax Pikachu appear in the middle when the timer reaches four minutes. Huge shockwaves, jagged spikes, and thunder raining down from the sky are all too easy for this giant Pikachu to enact.

Band Pikachu helps in taking down the monstrous Gigantamax Pikachu in the middle.
Band Pikachu helps in taking down the monstrous Gigantamax Pikachu in the middle.

After defeating this ferocious Kaiju-like Pikachu, it will rain down a map-wide stunning attack on each individual enemy dealing huge damage, allowing the team that defeated the Gigantamax Pikachu to instantly score goals for the next short while.

Pika Party Challenge Missions

Participating a certain number of times in the Pika Party will reward you with different goodies.

The different rewards at 5, 10, 15, and 20 matches in order are:

  • 100 Aeos Tickets
  • Pikachu Headbands
  • 20 Item Enhancers
  • Holowear Selection Box with your choice of Orange or Purple Unite Style for Pikachu

Though you do not need to win any match to earn all of these rewards, it is best to aim for a win, so you can get increased energy for your Boost Emblem Gacha pulls.

If you currently do not have any Pikachu skin, hopefully, you can attain the Holowear Selection Box from this event.

Best of luck out there in the Pika Party, and make the next week count!

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