Project Mugen has multiplayer, but with a twist

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Wondering if Project Mugen will have multiplayer or co-op? Speaking exclusively to PCGamesN at Tokyo Game Show 2023, Naked Rain’s lead producer for Project Mugen, Ash Qi, reveals that there will, indeed, be multiplayer, but it’s got a little bit of a twist to it.

Project Mugen looks absolutely spectacular, and I want to be able to enjoy it with my friends. Channeling the sci-fi aesthetic of my all-time favorite anime game, Honkai Star Rail, fused with the Spider-Man-style traversal of PlayStation’s epic superhero series, Naked Rain has created something that looks like it’ll be really, really special.

Does Project Mugen have multiplayer?

In short, yes, Project Mugen does have multiplayer, as confirmed by Qi in a PCGamesN exclusive interview.

Qi does highlight, however, that Project Mugen still has a strong focus on solo play. “Project Mugen would be mainly regarded as a single-player game,” they tell PCGamesN. “However, the game is available for four online players.”

They go on to clarify that Project Mugen is “not a MMORPG,” but highlights that the team “hopes that players can enjoy the game with their friends online. Just like you can play, for example, Chinese mahjong with AI or with your friends in real life.”

A woman leans on a huge hammer in a cyberpunk-style universe with huge Japanese billboards

And it’s music to my ears. While I could never really settle on Genshin Impact, I’ve played a whole lot of Honkai Star Rail, and I miss not being able to play it with my friends. Project Mugen and Honkai feel like they’re on the same path, but for me the inclusion of multiplayer is a big green tick – especially given the fact that the universe is, to quote Qi, “a vast and immersive open world that encourages thorough exploration.”

The Project Mugen release date can’t come fast enough for me, but in the meantime check out some other multiplayer games or, alternatively, our list of the best cyberpunk games if you love that neon-bathed, grungy aesthetic.

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