Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event Doktor’s Curse returns

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event kicks off October 13. Doktor’s Curse, which sees the multiplayer game’s operators take on the roles of ‘monsters’ and ‘hunters’ in a 5v5 game of hide and seek, will run through November 2 and feature some new faces on each team this year.

Jordanian defender Oryx joins the hunter team in this year’s Doktor’s Curse event, while Azami, Nomad, Thorn, and Gridlock will suit up on the monsters’ side. Equipped only with breaching hammers and a tracking gadget, the hunters have to track down the monsters inside the castle. Monsters don’t get any weapons, but can use traps and a momentary invisibility power called Nightstride to avoid and waylay the attacking team.

During the event, players can put together the Doktor’s Curse collection, which includes new bundles for each of the new operators included in the event this year. Additional bundles are on offer for Pulse, Kaid, and Melusi, plus the Wicked Surgery Bundle, the Incorporeal Bundle, and the Flayed Pain Bundle, each for 300 R6 credits or 12,500 renown.

Every player who logs in during the event will get one free Doktor’s Curse pack, and you can earn three more over the course of the event by completing weekly challenges on Ubisoft Connect.

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