Recursive puzzler Maquette comes to PlayStation 5, PS4 and PC on March 2

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With the voices of Bryce Dallas Howard & Seth Gabel

Annapurna Games has announced a release date and the cast for upcoming first-person puzzle game Maquette, which will launch next month.

The debut game from new studio Graceful Decay sees you play through the complicated love story of a new couple, represented by a world in which features itself on a smaller and bigger scale recursively. Objects that you manipulate or change in one version of the world will be reflected in all the others, so – for example a small key can be set across a chasm in the smaller world to become a bridge in the normal world.

Graceful Decay has also managed to secure some top level Hollywood talent to provide voices for the game, with real-life couple Bryce Dallas Howard (of Jurassic World & Black Mirror fame) and her husband Seth Gabel (who has appeared in American Horror Story: Hotel and Fringe) to play the central couple Kenzie and Michael of the story.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter of her decision to take the role, Dallas Howard said “I was always drawn to choose your own adventure opportunities. The opportunity to be active in the storytelling and have your own ability to have an impact on the eventual outcome — as a reader — was what I was drawn to.”

You can check out a trailer for the game for yourself below. Maquette will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC from March 2.

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