Resident Evil Village DLC to feature 20 unlockables in The Mercenaries

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More than a year after it was announced at E3 2021, Capcom is soon set to release its Resident Evil Village DLC featuring a coda to protagonist Ethan Winters’ storyline titled Shadows of Rose, a third-person mode, and an update The Mercenaries game mode that lets players play as Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, or Lady Dimitrescu. The expansion’s director says players will be able to access 20 unlockables in The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which includes stages and abilities. And, while the team had to shrink one of its most popular characters just a little bit to make them playable in game, Resident Evill Village fans will still be able to play as a 9-foot-tall furniture-thowing Lady D in one the best horror games for PC in 2022.

In an interview with Polygon, Winters’ Expansion game director Kento Kinoshita shared several new details regarding the expansion, particularly regarding The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which adds fresh content to The Mercenaries game mode.

Kinoshita said the developers focused on giving each of the new characters a “distinct feel.” Each has a unique play style, incentivising players to try them all. Redfield will work with firearms and close-range melee, and Heisenberg leverages a magnetic force. Lady Dimitrescu will force an imposing presence with her large stature and ability to throw furniture, inspired by a scene where she throws a vanity in the primary game.

The addition of these characters in The Mercenaries, which was at least partially in response to player feedback regarding favourite characters, will add more diversity to the mode, where players are presently limited to fighting hordes as Ethan.

Though Lady D is still depicted in her imposing stature, the developers did shrink her down just a little, Kinoshita said, but only to make her playable within the game’s technical parameters.

While all three characters appear powerful, players will still have to chain attacks to earn high scores. They’ll also be able to purchase item upgrades, weapons, and abilities to enhance their gameplay even more.

The game update culminates in 20 new unlockables, which include new stages and abilities, Kinoshita told Polygon. The developer suggests it’s worth playing and mentions the LZ Answerer, which is challenging to get in the game at present, suggesting it may easier with one of the new characters.

Resident Evil Village DLC Winters’ Expansion will cost about $20 for players who already own the base game and launches on Oct. 28, just in time for Halloween. The DLC includes third-person mode for the main game, Shadows of Rose additional game content, and The Mercenaries Additional Orders update. Players who don’t own the game can purchase Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, releasing the same day, for about $50.

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