Rise of the Ronin Combat Vignette Released

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Learn more about the battle system coming to Koei Tecmo and Team NINJA’s Rise of the Ronin with the combat vignette for the title.

When it comes to close combat in Rise of the Ronin, players will be able to use weaponry like katanas, the bayonet, and the spear. Meanwhile, ranged combat includes weaponry like firearms, a bow, and even a grappling hook.

No matter what one chooses, Rise of the Ronin will utilize a combo system that can be used to combine the two. A three player cooperative multiplayer mode can also be used to up the action.

See each of these weapons in action with the Rise of the Ronin combat vignette below:

Rise of the Ronin – Combat Vignette | PS5 Games

According to Fumihiko Yasuda, Rise of the Ronin is the most ambitious project Team Ninja has created to date. Players will be able to experience this title for themselves when Rise of the Ronin will come out for the PlayStation 5 on March 22.

Source: YouTube

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