Rotfront Tarot Cards and Moons Mural puzzle guide

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Signalis‘ zones tend to have a main puzzle that requires exploration and item gathering. Rotfront is no different, since you’ll be looking for a lot of stuff before you can reach the end. Here’s our Signalis Rotfront Tarot Cards and Moons Mural puzzle guide to help you complete this zone’s tasks.

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Signalis: Rotfront Tarot Cards and Moons Mural puzzle guide

The first thing you’ll see upon reaching Rotfront in Signalis is the Moons Mural puzzle. You won’t be able to do anything with it yet because you still need several key items, and the solution comes from a different area. For now, though, you can read our detailed guides on how to obtain the Rotfront Tarot Cards in Signalis:

Also, don’t forget that you need the Patient Key. It’s found in the Computer Store save point in the Metro Station.

Use the Patient Key to unlock the Meat Room in the western portion of the Apartments (Upper Floor). Inside, you’ll find a Tarot Table where you can place the six cards.

Now, because of your limited inventory, you might want to bring only two or three at a time. Do watch out in case mobs reanimate.

Sgnl 4rot Trmnmr Pzgd 2

The goal here is to place Tarot Cards that match a particular planet in the game. The diary here has clues, such as:

I saw a burning eye in the sky above the clouds of Buyan.

I was walking through the floating imperial palace, when the gaze of the sun-like iris burned my body to ashes.

Sgnl 4rot Trmnmr Pzgd 3

The keywords in that example above are “Buyan” and “sun,” which means that’s where you need to place the Sun Card.

You can refer to the image below for the correct solution:

Signalis Rotfront Tarot Cards Puzzle Moons Mural Puzzle Guide 1a

Once all the cards have been placed, interact with the switch on the table. This will change to UV light, showing and outline of different phases of the moon.

Make sure you take a screenshot of this just in case the solution is different in your playthrough.

Signalis Rotfront Tarot Cards Puzzle Moons Mural Puzzle Guide 1b

When that’s done, return to the Apartments (Ground Floor) Atrium where the Moons Mural is. You’ll notice that corruption has spread all over this room.

Likewise, you’ll see the Dial Ring on the floor. You can attach to Heimat on the mural.

Sgnl 4rot Trmnmr Pzgd 4

To solve the Rotfront Moons Mural puzzle in Signalis, take note of the phases of the moon from the Tarot Table. Rotate the dials here until the phases match (seen in the image below).

When you’re done, you’ll be able to enter the hole. This takes you to a room that seems familiar, as well as the finale of the game.

Signalis Rotfront Tarot Cards Puzzle Moons Mural Puzzle Guide 2

Signalis is available via Steam.

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