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The team at Turtle Cream, along with publisher IndieArk, is breaking new ground in the roguelike genre by throwing in slot-managing with their upcoming title RP7 – see it in action with the latest trailer for the game.

As players set out to find their missing pet frog (as one does), RP7 has players rolling seven random encounter slots to create one’s character’s journey. As players set out to plan ahead, they’ll be tasked with rolling and re-rolling each step of their journey as they take down monsters, gather gold, and become even stronger. 

Living up to its title, RP7 features seven buttons, seven playable character classes, seven randomly assigned levels, and “many other seven things.”

See it for yourself with the explanation trailer below:

RP7 Explanation Trailer (EN)

Sun Park, Team Leader and Creative Director of Turtle Cream, said the following:

“RP7 began with the idea of creating a game that subverts standard controls. If you only look at your fingers, it doesn’t look like you’re playing a game. It tears down the familiarity of other dungeon crawler roguelikes and creates a very unfamiliar experience, but it’s a lot of fun when you master it.”

Sun Park

Set to release in 2024, all those interested can wishlist RP7 and download a playable demo through its official Steam page. One can also chat with the greater community with the official RP7 Discord page.

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