Ruin Golem puzzle guide (Vimana Agama quest)

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After collecting the Amini Device Fragments, return to Jaziri in the cavern. He’ll use it on the machinery to open a passageway. You’ll then find yourself inside a gargantuan Ruin Golem. Here’s our Genshin Impact Ruin Golem puzzle guide to help you solve the challenges in this area as part of the Vimana Agama quest.

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Genshin Impact Ruin Golem puzzle guide (Vimana Agama quest)

To solve the Ruin Golem puzzle in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to use the energy blocks (i.e., glowing crystals) to power up each generator. On the lower level, this is fairly easy. All you need to do is pick up all three and place a piece in each generator. This will activate the elevator to the second floor.

On the second floor, you can grab the block from one of the generators (there’s also an unused one nearby). Check the notches on the floor to open gates (one of them will have a note and the other has an extra block).

After getting three, place them in front of the door with three notches. You should find your fourth block here. Activate each generator in this sequence:

  • Place a crystal inside the generator in the room with three notches. Then, take the rest from the panel (ignore the door even if it closes).
  • Reopen the door with two notches and place a crystal inside the generator there. Again, take the rest.
  • Reopen the hatch with a single notch and power up the generator there. Take the block from the panel.
  • Place your last remaining block inside the first generator.

An evil knight, Ynghildr, will spawn. Take him out and ride the elevator to the top.

This last section only has two generators that need to be activated. One block is already placed in the first generator that you’ll see.

Grab it and check the hatches for notes, a Luxurious Chest, and the second crystal. Activate the two generators and enter the control room. This completes the Ruin Golem puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Next, interact with the panel for a short cutscene. The Ruin Golem will smash the ground to reveal a cavernous area beneath.

Below is the Ruin Golem’s Chaos Core. Use the grapple points to zip around in mid-air until you get close to the core.

When you get to the top, an Abyss Lector will spawn and push you over the edge. Defeat it in battle and grapple back to the core again.

This time, you can interact with the object to destroy it. This completes the Vimana Agama quest in Genshin Impact. But, you’re not done yet with your endeavors.

You probably still need to help some siblings with their cooking, master the power of the Kusava gadget, and delve deeper into a strange structure that can control the weather. All those tasks are required if you want to finish your Adventure with Aranara so you can organize the Festival Utsava.

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