Rumbleverse server issues continue after an unstable launch

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Rumbleverse server issues were apparent with the launch of the new free-to-play wrestling-themed battle royale game, with players experiencing extreme latency issues in-game, with some players not being able to log in at all. After some messages from the developer, the servers went down for maintenance this week, but less than 24 hours after they went back online, another message was posted acknowledging further disconnect issues.

This series of tweets by RumbleSupport tells its own story of how the launch of Rumbleverse has gone so far; digging into the comments shows how passionate the fans of the new battle royale are about being able to Swanton Bomb their foes with regularity. They do not like to be left in the lurch with server issues, and I completely understand, especially when a paid battle pass was offered when the game launched.

One angry player comments: “‘We’re aware of issues’ but it’s the weekend so we’ll get back to you on Monday. Thank you for buying the battle pass and giving us your money.” A very tongue-in-cheek response but a serious concern overall. Battle passes are known for only lasting a certain amount of time, and if you can’t access the game in that time are you getting your money’s worth?

Another user raises a point about an ongoing issue specifically with unlocking items on the battle pass, with no amount of experience allegedly advancing their level: “Is this potentially related to an issue where new battle pass unlocks aren’t accessible? Started around the same time.”

It’s a shame, really, because by all accounts the battle royale is great fun and has some interesting ideas that set it apart from the crowded BR scene. Our guide to Rumbleverse crossplay should help if you’re connecting to friends – but if you’re struggling to find a game of Rumbleverse, or are choosing to wait until all the server issues have been ironed out, check out this guide to the best battle royale games you can play right now.

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