S-tier Destiny 2 Trials gun is coming back, get hyped

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A Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris gun exited the game’s loot pool after four days with more than 9.8 million Guardian kills in the game’s most challenging PvP activity. However, Destiny 2 players that were unable to earn the weapon will be glad to know Bungie has confirmed they’ll have a second chance before the season’s end in the FPS game.

Despite only being in the game for 96 hours, The Immortal (Adept) Legendary Strand submachine gun accounted for 9,841,721 Guardian kills in Trials of Osiris, or about 9% of all Trials kills throughout the weekend. Guardians with the non-Adept version of the weapon amassed more than 2.9 million kills. There were approximately 103.6 million player kills in Trials of Osiris throughout the weekend, according to Destiny 2 Trials Report.

The Immortal (Adept), which first appeared in the game when the Destiny 2 daily reset occurred at 5 pm GMT on Friday, March 17, quickly became the most-used weapon in Trials of Osiris. This is even more impressive given that, in general, players must go ‘Flawless’ in Trials of Osiris to earn it.

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Trials of Osiris is already one of the game’s sweatiest activities, and going Flawless in Trials involves winning seven games in a row (though there is a Trials Passage that players can select that can forgive one loss, so in some cases, it may mean seven out of eight games on a single Passage).

The grind for the weapon seems to have reinvigorated interest in the PvP activity, as people proved they were willing to grind to try to obtain it. More than 542,000 Guardians played Trials this weekend, and Trials Report also notes that the 3.7 million matches that Guardians partook in make it the second-highest number of matches played in the history of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris weekends.

Destiny 2 Trials gun exits with 9.7 million kills, will return soon: Trials of Osiris player stats from Destiny 2 Trials Report.

However, be it due to time constraints or player weakness in PvP, some who wanted to obtain the weapon were unable to get it. Fortunately, a tweet from the official Destiny 2 Team Twitter account confirms the weapon would return to the game during the final Trials of Osiris of the season, which is projected to begin on May 19. This means that players unable to secure it this time will have another opportunity to do so the weekend before the Destiny 2 season 21 release date.

Players satisfied with the non-Adept version of The Immortal can also earn it as a rank reward from Saint-14 in the multiplayer game, who will grant it to them upon achieving rank 10 in Trials of Osiris. However, players wishing to start that grind will have to wait another week and a half as the season’s first Destiny 2 Iron Banner launches today. Trials of Osiris is inactive while Iron Banner is live.

In the meantime, players who haven’t already done so can grind for top-tier weapons from the Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics list while they wait for The Immortal (Adept) to return to the game to slaughter 9.7 million more Guardians in Trials.

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