Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming desk adds standing functionality and more

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Secretlab has long been committed to making high-end gaming chairs, but its more recent efforts to get into the desk space have proven successful as well. The original Magnus desk launched last year to high demand due to its emphasis on modern looks, durability, large surface area, and cable/peripheral management. It’s of little surprise to see that Secretlab now has an upgraded Magnus Pro desk model, which adds standing functionality and compatibility for even more gaming hardware.

The main draw at first glance is that you can now stand at your gaming battle station. The Magnus Pro incorporates all of the same things that made original so popular, but also ups the ante in a few ways. Cable management is a crucial pillar to the Magnus lineup, and the concept is taken a step further here with a built-in power supply column to account for the adjustable desk height.


The Secretlab Magnus Pro also features a motorized height adjustment system with savable profiles so you can quickly switch between your preferred standing and sitting heights.

Style and functionality

There’s also the same easy-to-access cable management compartment which you can incorporate an RGB strip into for some sleek accent lighting that spans the length of the desk. The weight rating is good for 265lbs, and surface area starts at 59.1″x27.6″ for plenty of space. There’s also an XL version if you need extra room for using a work laptop alongside your gaming space.

(Image credit: Secretlab).

The importance of having a large desk really can’t be understated, as we’ve shown in our reviews for products such as the Eureka Ergonomic GTG-L60 Spectrum and the BDI Sigma. Secretlab shares the same sentiment in this regard, as the Magnus is just the right size to fix a full PC plus large monitor on top if you so choose. However, the accessories once again set this model apart from other gaming desks. Aside from the magnetic cable management anchors, you can also attach a PC case rack underneath to further free up space and mitigate cable issues.

The Pro version looks like a genuinely thoughtful improvement over the original Magnus, but as with all Secretlab products, you do have to pay out a good bit to look this good. Pricing starts at $799, which is relatively reasonable for this type of product. However, it’s still a tall price to pay for a desk in general. The accessories are also what really make the Magnus line stand out, which will result in some additional checkout price creep. If you can afford the Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming desk, you’re sure to be a happy camper though. Maybe you can skip on the pricey chair since you’ll be standing anyway.

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