Secretlab unveils hot new Valorant setup with a comfy chair

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Valorant is tremendously popular in the short time it’s been around, so it’s no surprise that Riot’s FPS game has earned a place in Secretlab’s lineup. The latest collaboration isn’t just a special edition Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair, however, it’s an entire Valorant setup decked out in signature red and navy.

Award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab is delving into the world of Valorant with a complete collection, including a real-life fist bump gun buddy that’s a rare commodity for the fans.

There’s plenty in the package, but the seat and table are hands down the stars of this partnership. Secretlab has whipped out the best gaming chair once again and dipped it in Valorant’s iconic colours. It has all the same features as the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, and visually ticks all the boxes of a true gamer’s vision – bold colours, FPS parlance, and a cosy themed pillow. With agent classes printed on the wings and a massive logo stitched on the back, this model screams Valorant. In addition, the game’s signature tagline, ‘Defy the Limits,’ is featured in ten different languages on the back.

The chair is easy on the eyes, but looks aren’t everything. Fans of the best FPS games glued to their desks for long gaming marathons need comfort that only the Secretlab memory foam lumbar pillow provides, helping you Radiant in the lap of luxury. Of course, Riot’s iconic fist bump gun buddy is the cherry on top!

The Secretlab Magnus is the best gaming desk out there with enough real estate to set up multiple monitors and a full-size keyboard, and plenty of mouse pad space still remains for cut-throat FPS sessions. Maximalists can deck up their tables with the magnetic Secretlab Magpad desk mat, featuring the embroidered agent classes on the side. Available in 1.5m and 1.77m sizes, the rug adds a punch of colour to the plain desk.

The Secretlab Valorant collection, including a gaming chair with its gun buddy and gaming desk with two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse on top

Last, but surely not least, this Secretlab Valorant edition setup brings a much-needed solution for the wire clutter. The Magnus cable management bundle is helpful and visually pleasant.

Secretlab has endless comfy seats and accessories, but this setup is perfectly timeless for fans who’re looking to climb Valorant ranks without putting their backs through hell!

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