She-Hulk Director Explains Why Hulked Out Jen Doesn’t Look Like Bruce Banner

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Now that you’ve seen the first two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law on Disney+, you’ve become pretty familiar with what Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) looks like when she hulks out. You might be wondering, though, why her build looks practically nothing like that of a hulked-out Bruce Banner.

To find out the reasoning behind that–and She-Hulk’s design as a whole–GameSpot went directly to the source, director and series executive producer Kat Coiro. According to her, a lot of time was invested in figuring out exactly what She-Hulk would look like and the end result is due to a number of reasons.

“Part of the entire conception of the project is what does she look like? How does she move through the world? And it was really important,” Coiro explained. “We have Hulk, who is a monster–who is not of human proportions. And then we’re doing this show about a modern woman who’s navigating dating and her career and her family. And so we needed to make sure that we kept her at a human scale.”

To that end, the big bulky musculature of Hulk simply wouldn’t have made sense for She-Hulk, especially since her battleground is a courtroom. So instead of looking toward bodybuilders for inspiration, Coiro said, “we looked to female Olympians. Misty Copeland was a body we referenced, you know, so strong but not in that bodybuilder, archetypal male figure.”

Surprisingly, though, the most important piece of the puzzle came from someone that was on set with Maslany throughout the season. “One of the cool little tidbits of the show is we had a six-foot-seven woman who was a double, who was on set with us at all times,” Coiro revealed. “And so we would use her as a reference. What is her stride like? How does she sit down in a chair? And I think what was surprising is how regular she was, she was just a very tall person. And that’s really what we were going for. Yes, she has superhuman strength, but she still fits very much into our world.”

Thus far, that is definitely the vibe She-Hulk is giving off. While Hulk, and even Smart Hulk, seem larger-than-life in terms of size, it’s not unrealistic that a hulked-out Jennifer Walters would fit easily into the public eye within the world of the MCU. Having her be the bridge between the human-sized heroes and the Hulk should make for some interesting interactions going forward–and let’s be honest, some serious knock-down, drag-out battles.

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