Skills guide — The best skills to equip

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Beating up your foes in Saints Row does seem like an easy task. After all, all you need to do is come in with guns blazing. Still, there are a few abilities that you can use as you progress to aid you in combat. Here’s our Saints Row skills guide to help you with the best level-up skills that the Boss can equip.

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Saints Row skills guide – The best skills for you to equip

Generally speaking, the skills in Saints Row are unlocked by earning XP and leveling up. It’s a fairly simple process. Barring some exceptions, you’ll obtain one new active skill (or passive) from level 2 onwards. However, do take note that you can only equip up to four any given time.

Level Skill Name Effect
2 Pineapple Express Drop a grenade in your enemy’s pants and throw them away
3 Smokescreen Toss a smoke bomb at your feet to confuse enemies
4 Proximity Mine Throw a mine that explodes when hostiles go near it
5 Health Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your health
6 Tough Mother Gain a temporary health boost to absorb damage and negate staggers
7 Frag Out Throw a frag grenade
8 Flow Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your flow
9 Flaming Punch Ignites your fist for an explosive punch
10 Health Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your health
11 Transfusion Heal yourself and your friends when you deal damage to foes
12 Overscope Pulls out a powerful sniper rifle; headshots cause explosions
13 Impulse Trap An anti-gravity mine suspends nearby targets in mid-air so you can line up your shots
14 Flow Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your flow
15 Health Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your health
16 Berserker Attacks deal more damage
17 Intercession Calls more Saints to join the fight
18 Quick Draw Pull out a powerful revolver and gun down up to four targets
19 Death Blossom Spin around while firing bullets in every direction
20 Flow Upgrade Passive: Permanently increases your flow
N/A Quantum Aperture
– Obtained as part of the Eurekabator Criminal Venture tasks
Creates a field that lets you shoot through walls and obstacles; increases the damage of bullets that pass through the field

Saints Row Best Skills Guide 1

The best skills in Saints Row

Here are some of what I consider the best skills in Saints Row. A couple are integral for general combat, while others are pretty decent once you get them later in the campaign:

  • Pineapple Express – This allows you to grab an opponent, including shielded troopers, before tossing them away to go kaboom. It’s a good way to eliminate specialists without having to remove their shield bar for a takedown. The only downside is that you won’t be able to aim the throw properly, so you could miss most of the target’s other pals.
  • Proximity Mine – If you do want a throwable explosive, choose this instead of Frag Out. The Proximity Mine is more reliable, as opposed to the frag grenade that enemies tend to dodge.
  • Flaming Punch – I think this is one of the best skills in Saints Row due to its multi-kill capabilities. If you have a lot of enemies rushing you (i.e., Los Panteros or melee elites), you can send all of them flying with this blazing punch.
  • Death Blossom – This one is obtained a bit later in your grind/progression. It does significant damage for crowd-clearing, and it’s flashy to boot.

Saints Row Best Skills Guide 2

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