Skull and Bones “Waves Of Change” In-Game Charity Event Now Live

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A Skull and Bones in-game charity event running from now through March 31, “Waves of Change” will have Ubisoft bringing players together to support ocean conservation with Oceana.

As part of this event, Ubisoft is partnering with Oceana, which leverages law, science, grassroots activism, advocacy, and strategic communications. Their overall mission to contribute to policy change worldwide.

For a limited two-week period, all those that play Skull and Bones (even on the free trial) will automatically join this event. As players face off against Skirmishers, Headhunters, and the Pirate Lord Philippe La Peste, Ubisoft will contribute to Oceana based on the number of adversarial defeats. 

The daily progress towards their 300,000 Euro donation target will be monitored and displayed on a dedicated webpage, allowing players to track their contributions. Participants will also earn in-game rewards – in the form of the Pioneer set – as a token of appreciation.

Neven Dravinski, Senior Producer of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft Singapore, said the following:

“At Ubisoft, we believe that we can harness the power of games to raise awareness and take action on environmental issues. With ‘Waves of Change,’ we’re proud to give Skull and Bones players an opportunity to support Oceana’s vital work to preserve our oceans. By bringing our community together through the fun gameplay that they know and love, we can help make a difference for a cause that our team is passionate about.”

Neven Dravinski

Jon Frank, Director, Global Corporate & Celebrity Partnerships, Oceana, added:

“The oceans are in trouble because of human-caused threats like climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing, and habitat destruction. Thankfully, they are resilient too. Together with Ubisoft, we hope ‘Waves of Change’ inspires people to join Oceana and help us rebuild abundant and biodiverse oceans.”

Jon Frank

Those interested in learning more can do so on the official Waves of Change website.

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